Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Prayer or just a mobile ringtone?

On a lovely morning, when one boards the overtly crowded Delhi metro, some breathing space and no nonsense neighbors is what one hopes for. Some days are lucky, and some, well, lucky for others.

As I boarded the usual morning metro from Rajiv Chowk this morning, I was greeted by a bright gentleman with an “X-Ray vision” (The way his eyes were checking out each every girl entering the coach would put any metro security guard to shame). But being from Delhi, this is a usual affair for me, so I quickly made way towards the opposite pillar and immersed myself into the book in hand. Suddenly, the sound of Hariharan enthralled the entire coach. He was singing the Hanuman Chalisa, and on a busy morning, this sounded like a treat to my ears and I closed my eyes enjoying the Chalisa (prayer). 

But, he had merely sung half the beginning shloka when he was interrupted by a loud “Hullow” and some stuff like “Hum 15 minute mein office pahunch jayenge (will reach office in 15 minutes)”. Knowing for sure that Hariharan wouldn’t have sounded like this, I opened my eyes & discovered that this was the voice of the same Mr. X-Ray vision.  The not so gentle man had chosen Hanuman Chalisa as his mobile ringtone and the prayer had been interrupted as he had received a call.

This isn't the first time that I have witnessed something like this. Often I see people choosing religious prayers as their ringtones and the calls are almost always answered before the prayer or shloka is complete. In Hindu religion, it isn't considered a good practice to leave prayer incomplete as it is believed to annoy the concerned God/Goddess. Sounds logical as well. Prayers, I believe were created out of man’s respect and affection for God. If you decipher the lyrics of any prayer, it praises the lord for the way they have cared for the world and request them to continue to do the same.  Like love, devotion can either be expressed or implied, but if one chooses to express it, one should ensure it isn't done halfheartedly  Imagine how would you feel if you are waiting to hear some magical words from your beloved and all s/he says is something incomplete and leaves in between. Instead of invoking feelings of love, it would be considered rude and would annoy you. God, too, has a heart, even though much bigger than us. And if we truly love God, we ought to care about his emotions as well.

As the great Karl Marx said, “Religion is the opium of masses.” True. Religion drives so much around. For some, religion is felt from the heart, and for some, it’s a way of expression, and they openly flaunt it, as if to prove their kindness and piousness. But by keeping prayers as mobile ringtones and not showing due respect, what message are some people trying to convey? That they are too busy to thank God in the proper manner, or they are great enough to remember God in a half baked fashion, despite their busy schedules?

God has created this beautiful world, and all he wants is to be remembered wholeheartedly, even if silently in heart for few minutes a day. In this big bad world in the peak of Kalyug, when everyone is mesmerized by materialism and selfishness, the least we can do is to do something only if we can show true respect. Else not go for it. God wouldn't mind if you remember him once a day. But he would for sure feel disappointed if we make his prayer our mobile ringtone when we can’t give due respect to the prayer. 

So, for people like Mr. X Ray eyes I met this morning, please make prayers as your ringtone only when you know your karma ledger is clean and you can give respect to God, his prayers and his creations.

As I write this blog, I also want to clarify that I am not writing this as a representative of God, because he exists within us all. But, yes, I love God and I know the first rule to love someone truly is to show true respect and make a commitment only when it can be fulfilled.


  1. Shaivi this was so good...ur words are my feelings too. i shall sleep with a smile of satisfaction. It was high time someone rang the bell...loud enough for all to hear. And i hope they hear it first. Those like Mr X-ray vision and all the rest...the faking faith gang. Sometimes i wonder though," Who r they dodging?"

    1. Yep...its high time v ring the bell and wake them up. Thanks!

  2. Wonderful read! I liked how you wove the incident with religion, faith and karma.

  3. Nice observations Shaivi! A prayer is supposed to connect with almighty and is not a wake up call from slumber:)

  4. Good point that you brought up.

  5. Very Nice Writeup...This so usually happens..I sometimes think people like to show off that they are very religious doing such kind of things..

  6. totally with you on know people have similar tones while backing their cars? Utterly disgraceful I say! Either u give God a respect that is due to him or don't respect at all....there can be no half measures in this.

  7. True words !!! Prayers as ringtone are mostly to declare we are religious .. hehehe
    Karma knocks at all doors :)

  8. This is so true.... I feel they are the ones who doesn't pray instead keep such ringtones in compensation..

    Writing on the go

  9. Wonderful writing Shaivi :) Very well said. It doesn't mean people having devotional songs as ringtones are alone spiritual. Any form of prayer true from our heart is enough.

  10. You are right. Prayer is sacred and should be shown respect. But on the other hand, putting it as a ringtone can also serve as a great reminder of God - even if it is for just a moment - to remember God, and be thankful for his blessings.

    You know how easy it is to forget God and be ungrateful :-)

  11. What a wonderful writeup..nice relation of the incident with faith..!!


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