Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Keeping it smart!

As I read the newspaper this Sunday, my eyes shone with excitement! It was that time of the year every woman looks forward to! It was raining discounts everywhere! I gave Mr. Hubby a sweet (you are so sweet, now get my work done) look and immediately he sensed danger to his plans of a lazy afternoon watching IPL.

“There’s a discount at my favorite store…lets go before the stocks vanish” I said.

Mr. Hubby, with a sarcastic smile said “You women need an excuse to shop on impulse…we men survive in limited pairs of shirts and trousers and every time you open the wardrobe, you say you have nothing to wear!”

With weekly tasks to be completed, the day had been a hectic one for me. As if Mr. Hubby’s words added fuel to the fire, I said “If you choose to eat the same vegetable every third day, I have enough clothes in my wardrobe. A woman’s wardrobe is never full!”

“Ya! Coz you always buy on impulse, whereas we men are smart buyers. We buy for utility.”Mr. Hubby clarified.

Phew! The end of season discount came once in the season, and he meant impulse?

No matter how much we are blamed for our tantrums and impulsive indulgences, shopping remains a woman’s forte. Men may think they are smarter, but there’s a lot women manage than just shopping.

Picture this…

·         All of us have grown up watching our moms doing the grocery shopping. After call, can men bargain and pester shopkeepers to give up like the way we women do?
·         While men find the idea of our browsing the market funny, it’s here we score more than them. Till we met, Mr. Hubby’s shopping habit was about flocking to one store and picking up all the things then and there without exploring the market. Then I arrived in his life and my survey of the market before making the actual purchase did show some positive change in his credit card bills.
·         Don’t confuse our frequent shopping trips with extravagance. We know what to buy from where and at the right time. So, unless the combination doesn’t get right, we carry out the market survey (window shopping) diligently!
·         We believe in genuine word of mouth feedbacks. So while men think we waste time discussing clothes and jewellery with each other or on online forums, the truth is, we shop only after taking honest feedback on where to get the best and the cheapest product.
·         Just like men remember stock price fluctuations at the back of their mind, we women keep abreast of price fluctuations in commodities. After all, being the home minister calls for responsibility!
·         While men waste the time on internet browsing..err..a lot of timepass things, we women never fail to scan all the online offers and discount coupon sites and cherry pick the ones that get us the best deal!
·         Men find it funny when we pile our shopping carts with things of no use to us in the present, but don’t underestimate the power of a woman! We specialize in demand forecasting and planning! So, while you think that black shrug is a waste of money, we may team it up with various dresses to give a new look without burning a hole in men’s pockets! Or the woolens picked from the end of season sale might come in cheap and handy in chilly winters.

After sometime, I realized the smartness goes beyond the usual shopping for, after hearing my arguments, a visibly convinced Mr. Hubby began to get ready for the shopping session. Not only are women smart shoppers, but they also make for smart trainers!

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  1. Interesting and lovely post Sahivi :)

  2. Unless the combination doesn’t get right, we carry out the market survey (window shopping) diligently!

    Don’t underestimate the power of a woman!
    Mast post!

  3. Most of these thoughts are stereotypes, thrust on us. Because, men will always be men!


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