Sunday, 16 November 2014

Enjoy your way to a good health

Life as a kid was at its blissful best. With a day full of activities and quality time spent playing with friends; BMR (basal metabolic rate) was always on the go. In a healthy body resides happiness, we all know. However, something attained without hard work is often taken for granted. That’s exactly the case with our dear friend, health.

As we run on the highway of life, all the things lucrative pile up on our priority list, promising us happiness. We break the red lights, adopt short cuts to success, thinking that pinnacle of success will bring us true happiness. What we ignore sadly is that in order to enjoy the good things in life, we need a healthy body and mind. So, early morning rendezvous with nature is replaced by coffee and extended newspaper session, evening sports by social networking and channel surfing, good night sleep by odd working hours, and wholesome natural food by quick fix junk delicacies.

The consequences don’t take much time to show though – loss of stamina, glow wiped from face, growing waistlines, irritability, etc. But, blinded by the lure of materialism, we blame it on hectic work schedules.

How we secretly wish for a time machine then, to take us back to the good times. Well, time machine may not be a reality, but going back to basics might help us make up with our good friend health again…

Here’s how –

1.  Enjoy the routine tasks
Good health is not always about shelling big bucks at a swanky gym. The journey to discover a healthier self can begin at our home. Did you know simple activities like cooking can help you burn 90 calories, ironing 77 calories, and something more than all this – a smile on the faces of your loved ones. See this video to see how

In case you are looking for some more motivation to get going, here’s a video that shows us how to enjoy and get fit in style. Not only will it help you stay fit, it will also help you save some bucks!

2.  Get back on your date with nature
A 15 minute walk or a 20 minute exercise session won’t take away much of your time, but it will definitely help you feel lighter enough to take that flight to a happier you.

3.  It’s all about sharing
Once you are up and running the marathon to a good health, spread the bug to more people. Making a difference in somebody’s life will give you a kick like nothing else can. Here’s a video that shows how

4.  A smile that sets everything straight
Learn to laugh the stress out and share happiness with others. With smiles flowing around, we can definitely ward off the stress that poses threat to our health.

5.  Eat right
While those cookies make for a perfect high tea and the chocolate pastry, the perfect midnight sin, we turn a blind eye to the after effects of processed foods. Just like childhood, when mom ensured there was enough of natural goodness in our food, we too need to discipline our taste buds. And thanks to awareness among many brands, it isn’t a hard nut to crack anymore. We just need to say hello to the goodness of whole grains, fruits, vegetables, nuts and good fats. The markets are full of healthier options that are generous to the taste buds as well.

6.  Back with a bang!
Hard work and perseverance have the last laugh, so do you when your healthier Avtaar faces the world

Staying healthy is not rocket science. Just a bit of effort and sticking to the basics will do the trick! What is important however is to keep the fun element alive and enjoy every baby step to a good health. After all, it’s the journey that matters more than the destination.

This blog is written for “Health is fun with Farmlite” campaign by Sunfeast and Indiblogger.With its Farmlite range, Sunfeast brings the goodness of raisins, almonds, oats and wheat fibre into our everyday life, making it easier to take that flight to a healthier self. Sunfeast Farmlite cookies are available in two variants – Oats and Almonds and Oats and Raisins
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All videos above are courtesy the Farmlite Bytes Film festival.

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