Friday, 21 August 2015

Airtel 4G!

Blogger, wife, mom, sister, daughter, working woman - my life is a daily juggle of various acts. When one has to manage so many aspects simultaneously, being a smart worker is the mantra. Hence, my smartphone and internet is my life saver.

Like they say for diamonds, look at the 3 Cs, for internet the major aspect one looks at is SPEED. No swanky internet plan is useful if it cannot offer faster downloads. I still remember, when the gift of mobile internet first came into my hands, all I could do was to browse webpages on my phone. With technology my usage too, notched few levels high.

Mobile internet today is my lifeline today and I can’t imagine a productive day when I have no access to internet. However, poor internet speed often is a turn off. How I craved for an internet that could offer me faster speed without affecting my budget!

In comes Airtel 4G – The fastest network ever! With promise of fastest downloads it surely had me enticed.

I am an Airtel customer for the past 15 years and swear by the excellent network. Now I was wondering, how to make my connection 4G?

Its simple…Airtel 4G Sim card is just a tweet away! All one has to do is to tweet #GetAirtel4G and your 4G sim will be delivered to your home free of cost!
I was all excited and immediately started imagining what I could do with my Airtel 4G!

Picture this –
·         Before my paperwalla throws tantrums at my request to deliver paper early, my mobile internet becomes my morning tea buddy, updating me on the latest news.
·         As I get ready to wake up little S for feed, I browse through my parenting apps to read tip of the day.
·         My experiments in kitchen go successful thanks to the various video recipes I view online, for I can view various ways to get the dish just right.
·         Then, it’s time to connect with my friends on social media platforms.
·         I am a blogger on the go and the moment an idea pops up, I wanna blog about it right there and then.
·         Since I am new to the city, commuting is more about navigating than my driving skills. With the fast 4G network, I can ensure a fast navigation and distraction free driving
·         I am a movie buff however, always avoided downloading movies on my phone due to poor download speed. With Airtel 4G, I can get fastest movie and video downloads and can watch movies anywhere, anytime!
“Wow! This is like a dream come true!” I exclaimed and immediately wondered, “But it must be coming at a premium price”
The answer is NO. Airtel 4G comes at the price of 3G! Yipppeee!
Now I know just like me, you too would be eager to get your Airtel 4G!

So, what are you waiting for! Get your Airtel 4G!


  1. Airtel 4G has been really a faster internet I have ever used. The uploads and downloads are just complete in seconds. Feels like, you are also enjoying the 4G internet. Thanks for sharing the post.

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