Monday, 11 April 2016 - Your personal health secretary

Being new to the city, Mr. Hubby and I faced a tough time searching for the perfect paediatrician. Like every new parent, we too were super protective about our child and fretted over the slightest of ailments. We wanted the best paediatrician for our baby. So, wherever I would spot a mom in my situation, I would ask her about the paediatrician she goes to. 

And that was not all...

Maintaining the paperwork was another herculean task. With frequent doctor visits, there was a huge pile of papers and reports I carried for doctor visits and often messed up when asked for a particular document.

Seems team was listening to my troubles all this while...

Deepak Rathi & Kulvinder Singh, two friends who were struck by the plight of people with chronic ailments who lost a lot of productive time keeping test reports organised.

And so was born

Whether it is finding a new doctor, or maintain relationship with your current doctor; is the one stop solution. account helps the patient to maintain their records online, which means no more carrying half a dozen files to the doctor's office. 

It is also a win win situation for doctors as they don't have to wait for the patient fumbling between pages of reports to find the correct one.

And that's not all...

Apart from scheduling doctor's appointments and maintaining records online, has also brought yoga to its bouquet. One can now easily look for a yoga trainer online. What's more, customers can experience a virtual yoga studio online while sitting in the comfort of their homes.

So, if you are looking for hassle free healthcare, is your personal health secretary!

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