Tuesday, 19 April 2016

O : Online shopping : A to Z Challenge

If I had to describe online shopping in one word, I would say "boon." After moving away from hometown into a city which runs at breakneck speed, regular shopping had become a distant dream. The mere thought of going out for shopping gave me jitters, as I visualised miles of traffic jams. Even when I was expecting my son, I kept pushing the mandatory baby shopping in the procrastination tray, until I was a week before my delivery. Fortunately, online shopping came to be my saviour and within 3 days, the delivery boy was smiling at my doorstep with a bagful of all the things mentioned in the hospital list.

But, as they say everything ha its own charms and perils. I too burnt my fingers during initial attempts. This post might ring in nostalgia if you too have been a victim of online shopping going wrong.

This post is written for A to Z Challenge.

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