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Book Review - Corpokshetra - Mahabharata in the MBA Yug

Author – Deepak Kaul
Publisher – Westland, BGB
Pages – 124
Price -  Rs. 200

First Impressions

The minute I picked up the book, my eyes were glued to the charming and smiling face of Lord Krishna on the cover. Here's our lord in the modern times, looking dapper in corporate attire! Few things of course changed with the times - the Sudarshan chakra seemed to be replaced with car keys! Soon, my attention went to the familiar figures of Pandavas and Kauravas all set to break each other's heads with cricket bats. Poor Bhishm pitamah too stares helplessly, as Lord Krishna gives a typical "Sab Maya hai' smile! Wow, couldn't wait to get started with this book!

My View
Having read many versions of the Mahabharata, this I must say has by far been the most unique experience. Since childhood, Mahabharata to me meant the epic TV series, grand courtrooms, royal costumes, headgears, horses, chariots, and of course, liberal use of shudh hindi.

I was somewhat in a state of amusement and shock while reading the first few pages. What if I were to tell you that Hastinapur was in fact Hastinapur enterprises, a business conglomerate; Duryodhan was the CEO who was against the Pandavas claiming their equity stakes  in the company; during the 13 year Vanya vaas, the Pandavas were to run a NGO; and Krishna actually owned a consulting firm? Before, you jump on and think I have lost it completely, let me tell you this is the set up of the modern Mahabharata as told in the book. 

For the generation that was born much after the TV serial Mahabharata became popular, Mahabharata is just an epic. To modernise the whole concept by drawing parallels with the corporate world is then a very unique attempt by the author. 

Like a blockbuster movie, the first half impresses us with the Corporate jargons. In fact, I was mostly in splits, appreciating the author's out of the box thinking! 

Picture this -

Krishna dancing on the head of Kaliya Nag, the MD of Yamuna Corp, to relent and set up a co-operative to be run by cowherds
Krishna raising mountains to get Indra, the chairman of Govardhan Ltd., to stop scorching fertile land to set up a cosmetics factory
Duryodhana and Karna discussing the state of affairs over a cup of Starbucks coffee
The battle of Kurukshetra is actually an attempt by Pandavas to reclaim their lost equity stake from the Kauravas through a hostile takeover
Kurukshetra, where the Mahabharata took place was in the fact the largest conference room in the offices of Hastinapur enterprise
Kauravas inviting Pandavas for the historical Poker game over Watsapp!

While I would refrain from revealing more about the book, the above hints are enough to invoke your interest in this interesting book. Throughout the first half I was in awe of the creativity, holding my stomach and laughing throughout the story of Mahabharata in the MBA yug. 

However, it was the battle of Mahabharata that finally woke me up from my comfort for I was beginning to get somewhat confused. We all know the battle of Kurukshetra was the deciding factor, however, whether the fate of Hastinapur Inc was to be decided by boardroom battle, golf match, or cricket was something I was thoroughly confused about. One moment saw Arjun throwing things in the boardroom to avenge the wrongdoings against Abhimanyu, while the other saw Pandavas and Kauravas using sports to decide who shall control Hastinapur Inc. 

Finally, I did what the reader of fiction should do, stopped drawing parallels with the story I knew and enjoyed the story with the fresh mind. By the time I flipped the last page, my heart was shouting "this is entertainment, entertainment, entertainment!" Lol!

I recommend this book for its sheer uniqueness. The apt use of corporate lingo will leave you in splits. 

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Thumbs Up
Very unique concept
Apt use of corporate jargons
Seasoned with the right amount of humour
I particularly enjoyed reading the afterword for its sheet honesty and recommended readings by the author.

But then, umm...
The Kurukshetra war could have been more realistic than a combination of verbal spats, physical fights, cricket and golf match deciding the fate of a business conglomerate.

My Rating 

This review is for Writers Melon and Westland.


  1. That seems an interesting take....but sadly Draupadi seems to be missing in the scene....:)

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