Sunday, 14 October 2012

Perfection in imperfection

Who doesn't desire a normal life! The entire rat race we run throughout our lives is to reach normality in everything. Right from the child in the womb to the delivery to the education, marriage, career, we want everything good, normal. If we take a sneak peak in the hearts of people praying to God, almost all would be praying for normality and good in their lives, often striking deals with God. Any deviation from normal brings fear of the negative and we perennially strive to make things normal, better, perfect.

Aren’t we focusing too much on the destination without enjoying the journey? Not everything ought to be perfect, normal or beautiful. There’s also beauty in imperfection, novelty in abnormalities and beauty in no beauty. It’s just about taking time to explore every element instead of quickly heading for the next option.

Recently, while watching Barfi, it struck me that things don’t have to be perfect to make us happy. Even imperfections can give us immense joy provided we accept them with a warm heart.  A deaf and dumb Ranbir Kapoor is dumped by a perfect Ileana D’Cruz as going for him would have been a deviation from normal. An autistic Priyanka Chopra, considered abnormal by everybody becomes the source of true love for Ranbir Kapoor. And that’s not because she woos him by her charm, in fact, she is unaware of it! She just feels the affection and reciprocates without thinking of anything. As simple as that. I wondered then that is the stress around us because we understand so much, know much more and strive for the most. What if we just enjoyed each aspect of life, without wondering, analyzing the way we do. Wouldn’t it be fun if we just accept whatever comes our way and choose what we like, not what is technically good, or normal, or perfect! Maybe that’s why we cherish childhood memories the most. We are to naive then, not knowing the right or wrong and just follow what we feel like.

Sitting in my office in the heart of Delhi, I wonder if this would be feasible given the lives we lead. But then if we strive so much for perfect, good and normal, then a step towards following our heart wouldn’t be a long one!

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