Saturday, 25 April 2015

Is weekend really all that fun?

Friday evening witnessed me in super excited mode…I looked elated like a kid whose parents are about to take her to Disneyland. But I am a simple girl with simple wishes; after a week of slogging at work, the idea of 2 days off to my lazy self was enough to bring a smile on my face. Hey, everybody feels that way, then why am I saying this on my blog?

Because fact is, weekend life too, like a coin has 2 sides…

Wanting to laze in my bed till 10 on a Saturday morning, I was engrossed in my dreams when the alarm spoiled my plans. “Uff, what’s this?” I grumbled in my sleep, when Mr. Hubby reminded me he had to go for a meeting today. Being a typical Indian wife, I wouldn’t have liked the idea of being in bed till 10 while Mr. Hubby got ready and moved about his own business. “Once I send him to work, I will catch up on my sleep!” I consoled myself and proceeded towards bed tea and newspaper.

Newspaper is always a cut short business on weekdays however; even today my eyes were on the wall clock. Soon, newspaper too, was added to the “do it later” list and I was off to the kitchen.

Once, Mr. Hubby had left for work, I realized sleep had vanished. Just when I held my beloved newspaper in my arms, mom in law rattled off her wish list, “Today we are free, let’s do x, y, z….” and gave me a long list from laundry to grocery shopping, dusting, etc. “But I am not free, I am busy! It’s my hard earned off and I need to laze around, chill, blog and just pamper myself!” Now, any mom in law would have frowned at this, but not mine. She simply smiled and reminded me of a word called “responsibility”. “Why can’t we live in a service apartment?” I rebelled like a cranky kid.

I wondered, was life all cool before marriage and responsibilities? Perhaps no, weekends were all about pedicures, manicures, hair spa, changing nail paint, planning wardrobe for the upcoming week etc etc.

Every weekend, we try to fight the pile of “to do” list for the “me time” and before we are nowhere close to satisfaction, the weekend winks and bids adieu, leaving us at the mercy of merciless weekdays. As if that’s not enough, there is a section of people, whose favourite habit is asking people on Monday mornings, “so what special did you do this weekend?” Now, one doesn’t go mall hopping, shopping or movie watching every weekend. I have seen people under such pressure to avoid being termed uncool that even if they have spent a quiet and relaxing weekend at home, they save themselves by saying, “we went out for family dinner to XYZ yoyo restaurant” even if I spotted them getting Dosa packed from the neighbourhood Dosa kiosk!

What then is the idea of a perfect weekend?

Perhaps it’s all about taking the day it comes. One may plan a bit in advance for more fulfillment however, if things take a different route, just sit back and enjoy the beauty of serendipity!

What say you?

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Sunday, 19 April 2015

The pretty girl in the short skirt…

Ram was the perfect Casanova. In a span of five years, he had changed seven jobs, all for his habit of falling prey to good looking women. He just couldn't resist getting into flings and things got worse every time when his multiple affairs affected his professional life. Monday morning was another interview at a multinational company for the post of marketing manager.

Ram was hoping to make it big here…not in terms of work but for some sparks to fly, for his friends had told him the office was full of pretty girls. Ram was hoping to get lucky!

Dressed his best, topped with a dash of the perfume that made his ex girlfriends drool, Ram reached the company headquarters. As he entered the elevator, he saw the only companion in his ride to the 21st floor – a pretty girl! Her short skirt and long hair immediately shortlisted her to Ram’s to do list and he took it as a good omen. Not wasting any time, he threw his pick up line, “you too here for the marketing manager interview?” She gave him one top to down look, gave a sweet smile and said, “I work here…you will see me more when you join our department…” Ram quickly bragged about his premier B school degree and the last premier organization he worked with, not leaving any chance to strike the perfect first impression.

The elevator doors opened, and as she was about to get out she stopped, turned back and said, “turn right from the reception and the first conference room is your destination. All the best! We shall meet again!” Ram’s heart went racing and within a span of 30 seconds, his imagination took him to great lengths. He quickly raced past the reception and landed himself at the Waiting room near the conference room as told by the girl.

Ram was pleasantly surprised by the crowd waiting with him, for they all seemed less experienced than him. He couldn't find one face more charming and confident than himself, and he was all set to make the killing. For the next 30 minutes in the Waiting room, he was lost in dreams of the pretty girl. He imagined how he could ask her out for dinner and charm her with his ways once he got the job. Just then, a voice interrupted his dreams, “fill this form”, the fat HR lady said. As Ram took the form, he sensed something was not right, the form mentioned the question, “Why do you feel you are suitable to work as sales executive with us”. Shocked, he immediately questioned the HR lady, only to be told this was the interview for the post of sales executive.

Ram’s heart skipped a beat. He realized that this time, he had fallen prey to false charms. He should have inquired at the reception before blindly following the girl’s instructions. As he rushed towards the reception, he saw the same pretty lady talking to the receptionist and leaving before he could reach and question her. He asked the receptionist, “where is the interview for the position of marketing manager?” The receptionist said, “Conference room no. 5 but the interview is already over.” Ram was irritated now, “How can the interview be over?” The receptionist said, “Sir, there were just two candidates called for the interview. The first one didn't arrive and so the second one was shortlisted. You saw that lady who just left? She was just selected.”

Ram could feel his heart beating fast. All his plans of making it happen were foiled by the same pretty face he had been dreaming about. The ugly side of beauty had taken him for a ride…

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Monday, 13 April 2015

How ma found her Dil Ki Deal…

Life isn’t always about profit and loss
Sometimes mind listens & heart becomes the boss
Its when one thinks beyond self and cares for how others feel
That they truly strike the “Dil Ki Deal”

It is often believed that one who has money and power only can make a difference in someone else’s life. But an incident from my mom in law’s life taught me how a simple housewife decided to follow her heart and strike the perfect Dil ki deal.

In the old times when salaries never matched the mouths to be fed, monthly rent from a small house in West Delhi was a big help to Ma’s monthly budget. My father in law’s job demanded him to stay out of town, so it was ma’s responsibility to collect the monthly rent and manage the household budget.

It was Diwali time. Sweets, clothes, crackers, customary gifts…there was so much to be bought and ma knew all this went beyond her budget. Banking on the 10th of the month when she was to receive the monthly rent, she decided to visit the tenants.

As ma rang the doorbell, the feeble frame of the tenant’s wife appeared at the door to usher her in. The tenants were a humble family of 5, a couple and their 3 kids. Ma knew of their not so good financial condition, but as she entered the house, she knew there was something wrong. Although it was Diwali time, the festivity was nowhere to be seen. The family wore a sad look on their faces. When ma inquired about the well being, the tenant’s wife told her that their youngest daughter had taken ill. All their savings had gone in the treatment and the treatment still required them to pump in more cash. “This Diwali has no meaning for us, for we can’t light up our own child’s life”, the tenant’s wife said, controlling her tears. Despite the turmoil in their lives, the tenants were an honest couple. “Behanji, that we are facing this crisis doesn’t mean we would hide away from our duty. Here’s the rent for this month”, the lady said as she handed over the 800 bucks to ma.

Speechless at their sincerity and the cruel game destiny was playing; ma left the house with a heavy heart.The neighbourhood kids were bursting crackers however; a thousand crackers burst inside ma’s heart and created the noise she couldn’t ignore. She could not erase the image of the family’s faces from her mind. For a humble housewife, the monthly rent meant a big help, yet her heart felt heavier with each step. Something in ma forced her to return…

The surprise was evident on the face of tenant’s wife as she opened the door. “What happened behanji, I counted the money and it’s the right amount. Hope all well….” The lady went speechless as ma held her hand and handed over the money back and said “The child needs the money more. Take the money and use it for her treatment. Its Diwali time, hope this small contribution does something to brighten up your child’s life.”The lady tried to offer the money back, but ma assured her she could repay when the child recovered.

As ma walked out, her heart was filled with satisfaction from the deal she had struck. She might not have been able to pamper her kids the way she wanted that Diwali, but she had listened to her heart and had struck the #DilKiDeal

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