Sunday, 22 September 2013

Mind Rocks youth summit, Delhi 2013 – a rocking experience that made my day

There are some moments in our life that give us immense joy…moments that are remembered forever. For me, Mind Rocks 2013 summit Delhi was one day full of pleasant experiences that I will never forget.

Waking up early in the morning on a lazy Saturday and reaching the venue at 8.30am seemed a task to me. But when I reached Siri Fort auditorium, I was amazed to see the swarm of youngsters at the registration desk, eagerly waiting to be let in. Once in, counters distributing the goody bag and food coupons welcomed us. Munching my donut, sandwich and sipping the flavoured milk, me and my blogger friends quickly surveyed the goodies inside the yellow sling bags…tummy full and bags full, we were all smiles as we entered the auditorium. And inside, the best surprise awaited us…bloggers had been allotted special seats in the front! “Wow! That means we can watch Farhan Akhtar & Virat Kohli that close!”, the three of us echoed in excitement!

Rocking Start
The auditorium was full of young power, students, professionals; all awaited the event to begin. India Today surely knew how to energize the crowd on a boring morning. So when the winner of Mind Rocks Be a rockstar contest, rock band Antriksh began their performance, the thump of the drums and resonance of the guitar strings had the crowd swaying.

The performance was followed by welcome address by Kaveree Bamzai, Editor, India Today. We were eagerly waiting to catch a glimpse of our favourite youth icons…

Sportsmanship at its best with Leander Paes
When Kunal Pradhan, Deputy Editor, India Today, introduced the first youth icon for the day, Leander Paes, our eyes went wide with excitement. For not only was Leander looking super fit and dashing but the humbleness in his tone and the simplicity with which he spoke bowled us over! He shared the story of his childhood, his passion for the game, his struggle in the journey to success and his zest for life that keeps him going. He had mentioned he goes for any event only when he believes in it and his quotes did prove that. “If you can handle triumph and disaster at the same time, then let’s play the game and play it hard”...good words flowed until the buzz of the siren signaled it was time for the next session.

Bhangra with the rap queen
We were wondering who next and suddenly RJ Aparshakti Khurana from Oye 104.8 FM announced Hard Kaur! Hard Kaur, with her bindaas attitude and witty answers was an instant hit with the crowd. The story of a simple girl of Indian origin, Taran Kaur Dhillon making it big in the male dominated UK rap industry had us all impressed, while her impromptu bhangra and rap with the crowd had us all pleased. “Nobody is a superstar, skills come first”, was her mantra before the siren went buzz for the next session.

The fruit of risk taking
Dhruv Shringi, co-founder and CEO, spoke about the importance of failures in ones life and how the disappointments are just a catalyst to propel you to work harder towards your goal. He called the story of his life, his meandering ways – from his stint with entrepreneurship to his MBA from Insead, from the aftermath of 9/11 on his career to the life changing decision he took after being fired….he shared it all as budding entrepreneurs in the crowd heard with attention. “Don’t be afraid to take risk. You don’t know what will happen until you try it out. Seize the opportunity with conviction, focus and self belief” was his mantra.

Crime not age
If you thought Mind Rocks was just about fun, well, MindRocks also creates awareness in the youth about their rights and duties. The next session, crime and age spoke about the need for amendment in the juvenile justice act, in the wake of the Nirbhaya Gang Rape case. Dr. Kiran Bedi began the session explaining some eye opening facts about the juvenile justice act to create awareness amongst the youth. Despite being the icon that she is, she hit an instant connection with the youth when she said “Dil ki baat hoti hai to Hindi mein hi nikalti hai!” Gul Panag shared her concerns about women safety and earned a housefull of applauds when she questioned people naming their shops “Gulab Chand and sons” and not “Gulab Chand and daughters”while Nishta Gautam got us all emotional with her heart touching poem on the Nirbhaya Gangrape case. 

A panel discussion on juvenile justice act followed with focus on the need to amend the act so that crime, not age becomes the topmost priority in the eyes of law.

The appearance of Nirbhaya’s parents at the summit was a real emotional moment and many tears flowed as the parents spoke about how the act should be amended to punish true offenders who get unfair protection by the tag of being a juvenile. They also unveiled India Today’s campaign on juvenile justice act amendment “Crime not age”

How I wrote my first book
Author of the famous “Shiva Trilogy”, Amish Tripathi was next youth icon on stage. Taking us through his journey towards his first book, Amish spoke about how self belief, focus and being pragmatic helped him achieve success in his field. “Be open to questioning and stay focussed” was his mantra.

First Time Voters, critical elections
The next session was a real stormy one. For the panel included representative each from the major contending parties for the assembly elections – Deepender Singh Hooda from Congress, Mr. Sanjeev Kaul from BJP and Arvind Kejriwal from AAP. It was a real treat to hear the three of them talking about their commitment to improve the state of affairs and at the same time, telling their party to be better than the other two. Rahul Kanwal as the moderator was at his best, sometimes throwing the perfect question to get the Netas talking and also to cease fire whenever someone went overboard. The icing of the cake was when Arvind Kejriwal stepped to give his speech…for the crowd went bursting with enthusiasm as Slogans like “Bharat Mata ki Jai” echoed the venue.

Pet Pooja
Rain started by the time we were out for lunch and between the hide and seek that the raindrops played, we gorged on the spread laid especially for the young delegates. It was also time to tag our facebook profiles with the Mind Rocks hashtag and some picture posing with the mind rocks placards.

The real youth icon
Lunch was followed by an award ceremony to felicitate a young icon who worked to educate herself and others in her village and also took initiatives to create awareness about various social issues in her village. To our horror, our reserved seats had been grabbed by some college kids and negotiation skills were tested big time as we convinced them to get our seats back.

Chance pe dance with Lauren and Salman
The girls went ooh and the guys went aah as Salman and Lauren entered the stage and had the crowd rocking with their “perfect” lift and dance moves. They even obliged some enthusiasts from the crowd to join them for the dance moves while others danced in their seats. It was fun to see Lauren try Bhangra moves with much enthusiasm. She came across as someone very cute and friendly yet focussed. “Never give up, always push towards your goal” was her mantra.

Virat Kohli!!!
When Virat Kohli entered the stage, it was as if the whole auditorium was on wild fire. Jumps, shouts, shrieks, the crowd when ballistic with excitement. But that didn’t deter Virat, who shared how he learnt the right way from his mistakes. It was really inspiring to hear him talk about the rough patch when he was expelled from the Indian team. However, instead of sulking about it, Virat was positive enough to keep practicing and got back to his form, earning much appreciation and fame. “Stay determined, stay focussed, stay yourself” was his mantra.

Love, life and Relationships
After success tips by Virat Kohli, it was time to discuss love and relationships with Aditi Rao Hydari. However, more than the session on relationships, it turned out to be a session on Aditi herself. While RJ Aparshakti kept throwing requests for song, dance and her personal life, Aditi too was very sweet as she interacted with the crowd. Though it seemed her outfit was making a bit uncomfortable for her to dance so she tried her best to perfect the repetitive moves. A small contest followed where 3 guys from the crowd were asked to write a post card expressing their feelings to Aditi and the best one chosen by Aditi won a prize.

Stay Hungry, stay smart
Ajay Bijli of PVR cinemas shared his story from a boy who loved to watch movies in Priya cinema to the entrepreneur who revolutionized the entire experience of cinema theatres. From his favourite PVR theatre to getting the latest technology to viewers, his session was a real interesting one.

Icing on the cake
The last session was the session I had been awaiting all day long. And perhaps the whole lot of others too. For when Farhan Akhtar came on stage, the crowd went uncontrollable. The moderator Kallie Puri had to try hard to get the crowd calm so that Farhan could speak. Me and my blogger friends were just speechless, capturing every moment in our eyes, with a wide smiles on our faces. Farhan spoke about his passion for cinema that pushes him to try something new every time. His passion was evident from the fact that in childhood he watched a film everyday before going to school (and wake up early morning to watch the movie). With a great sense of humor, Farhan took on the house. The crowd couldn’t help but ask for more of Farhan and he too gladly performed a song and dance with the crowd.

After a day full of sessions, it was time to unwind. Hard Kaur took on to the stage and the crowd grooved to her performance on popular numbers.

Meeting so many youth icons on a single day was like a real dream come true, a magic box of celebs. Thanks India Today for making the day so special and the opportunity to be among the official bloggers for the event! 

You can catch highlights of the event at

Thursday, 19 September 2013

Book Review – Beaten by Bhagath!

Author - S.V. Divvaakar
Publisher – Frog Books
Pages – 193
Price – Rs. 125

Sneak preview from the book –
They went to the same college,
Even stayed in the same room,
One saw his popularity zoom,
The other sank into depths of gloom.
Their books, they had the same grace
They ran together, the same race.
One rose to the sky and became a star;
One crashed and burned, with a lifelong scar…

My View –
We bloggers and writers are a crazy lot – we cherish and adore our writings, almost like mothers adoring their children. Every appreciation gives us a high which spirals our enthusiasm to new heights. Sometimes so high in our dreams, expectations and aspirations, that when we open our eyes, the real world hurts. Welcome to the world of writing!

Beaten by Bhagath was a refreshing change from the boring and predictable stuff floating around these days. Every reader nurtures a desire to write his own story someday. Every writer longs for that one break that changes his fate forever. But is the journey to the top as easy as it seems?

Well, welcome to the world of Mr. BB, an executive in a reputed international consulting firm. A comment by his attractive boss one day introduces him to a talent he had comfortably forgotten – writing. Especially, when the boss tells BB he can write better than Ketan Bhagat, BB’s college friend turned celeb writer, BB’s mind goes googly woosh with dreams of him becoming a famous writer! And so begins BB’s struggle – Skimming through all the reigning bestsellers in the market, then penning down his own story. With his labour of love ready, it seems to BB that battle is half won. Poor soul, few emails later realizes that all is not crisp and clear in the world of sparkling pages decorated with words in ink!

And that’s when the book becomes a real page turner (in BB’s own words!). BB’s struggle at each step – the rejection from Publishers, publicity, readership is a real eye opener for anyone dreaming to see his writings published. A real eye opener to the big world of publishing, where survival is just not about how you write, it’s a lot more about how you promote.

A half fulfilled dream is worse than no dream at all. And BB too falls prey to his passion – to beat his old friend Bhagat, in his maiden attempt. It’s both funny and sad to see the extent to which BB goes, just to give his failing aspirations some life support. His wife though remains supportive throughout and the bubble of her anger bursts only when she figures her hubby has blown up everything to get a failed book living!

BB too realizes his mistake, but only after trying and failing every possible way. Sometimes the extent of damage makes the loss irreparable.

Is he able to get the broken pieces together, is he able to give a fresh life to his dream? Well, then grab your copy now!

The author has maintained a good pace throughout and you can almost imagine each and every incident happening in front of your eyes. Its only towards the last few chapters that you smell a sort of impatience to wind up the book. Plot changing incidents covered in few pages, well that could have been better. But alls well that ends well, and when I flipped the last page over, the book had left me with some learnings about aspirations and our attitude towards them.

Recommended for anybody who writes or aspires to write, for the author has done a great job at taking the readers through the arduous journey a book travels from the author’s mind to the reader’s wow!

About the author 
S.V. Divvaakar, an IIT Delhi alumnous & an international Monitoring and Evaluation specialist also dabbles into music, singing, and blogging. This is his second novel.

The book was received as part of Reviewers Programme on The Tales Pensieve.

Sunday, 15 September 2013

Get rocking with MindRocks!

A successful nation is the one that unleashes the power of its youth and channelizes it for development. Youth has the power to make the impossible possible, the spirit to strive for a better tomorrow, the courage to stand up for what is right and the brains to think and innovate.

Recognizing the potential of the Indian youth and giving them a platform to express their opinion, India Today Group organizes Mind Rocks youth summitevery year. Since its inception in 2010, Mind Rocks celebrates the spirit of youth through ideas, music and art. The forum brings together youth and their icons, and when so many great brains get together under one roof, the flow of ideas is simply inspiring! While the icons share their success stories and tips, the youth share ideas bubbling in their mind. There are contests, performances, forums, lots of like minded people – all the ingredients for a perfect youth event!

Last year, Mind Rocks Summit in Delhi saw youth icons like Priyanka Chopra, Akhilesh Yadav, Rahul Kanwal, Mary Kom, Imtiaz Ali and many others who shared the stories of their struggle to success. There were views, Q&A, contests and a rocking performance by Indian Ocean. You can read a snapshot of last year’s event here.

This year too, India Today is all set for a spectacular summit. The recent summit at Kolkata was a huge success with the likes of Chetan Bhagat, Brett Lee, Irrfan Khan and many others share their success tips. You can read the details of the event here.

The summit promises to recreate the same magic in Delhi on September 21, 2013 at Sri Fort Auditorium.

The speakers include icons who have made their mark early in their respective fields –

Virat kohli – Vice Captain, Indian Cricket team
Hard Kaur – British Indian Rapper & Hip Hop singer
Farhan Akhtar – Actor, Producer & Director
Mahi Vij – TV Actor & Model
Jay Bhanushali – TV Actor, Dancer & Anchor
Dr Kiran Bedi – Former IPS Officer & Social Activist
Amish Tripathi – Author
Ajay Bijli – Chairman & MD, PVR Ltd
Gul Panag – Actor, Model
Shraddha Kapoor – Actor
Leander Paes – Tennis Player
Chris Gayle* - Cricketer – West Indies

Other Highlights of the event –
·   Interaction with the speakers
·   Live Rock Band Session
·   Digital RFID;
·   Photo Booth;
·    Like-man;
·   Gesture Music Game Kiosk etc. 
·   The ‘Real Youth Icon’ an initiative to recognize and reward the ‘Unsung Heroes’ in our society in association with UNICEF India
·   ‘SingAlong’ - Online KARAOKE Contest and their winners singing Live at the event in association with Singchana 

And that’s not all, the icing on the cake is a live performance by none other than Hard Kaur! Yipppeee! I just love her Hip Hop & it will be a treat to watch her perform live! Read more about the program at the Mind Rocks Summit official webpage at
Food, fun, contests, views, reviews, tips, performances and a lot of engagement – Mind Rocks promises to give youth the best of all! So, what are you waiting for? Registrations are open!

So calling all you future icons of tomorrow, come, hop in, Mind Rocks is sure to get you rocking!

This is a sponsored post for India Today Mind Rocks summit. I am proud to be among the official bloggers for the summit. Keep hopping in to my blog & twitter (@shaivisharma) for more details and live coverage of the event.

*Information courtesy India Today. Programme subject to change at the discretion of India Today Group and other event partners.

Saturday, 7 September 2013

A Salaam for the Namaste

“She has snatched my only son”, she often cribbed. She had sent him to the city for a better life. And he had chosen to stay there, marrying the girl of his choice, that too from the opposite religion. Her husband had been killed in Hindu Muslim riots few years ago. “How can I accept a girl from that religion as my Bahu”, she often wondered. 

The son never forgot his mother though. He would write her letters, asking forgiveness for hurting her sentiments, often explaining how the turn of events almost forced him to take that decision. They had studied together in the same college and liked each other a lot. The riots that wiped out her family, his love and concern, the big bad world, that now or never decision that changed their lives forever. He knew the mother would never approve, so theirs was a court marriage.

The mother had read the letter, each word piercing her soul like the dagger that her husband was killed with years ago. She had turned into a stone, deciding never to see his face again. His letters & the money continued to come without fail. The mother had taken up a job as a sewing teacher in the local school and never took a single note out of the monthly envelopes he sent. “He thinks he can make up for the loss by these pieces of paper?” And so she wowed never to reply.

The mother inside missed her son every moment. On Holi, she would remember how he loved the riot of colors, Janmashtmi reminded her of his childhood mischiefs just like Lord Krishna. Every Diwali she silently prayed to Goddess Lakshmi to give her son prosperity, for by now, she was convinced the son would have ceased to be a Hindu and would have broken every rule of the religion by marrying a Muslim girl. He never mentioned it in his letters and she never asked it.

The son had himself become a father now. He had sent a small pic of the baby, freshly born and all red, too pure to understand which religion he belonged to. He looked just like the son, when he was born. The mother kept looking at the picture till tears blurred her vision. The letter also had a ticket and the usual money. The son had made an extremely emotional appeal in the letter. “I know ma you will never forgive me, but what wrong has your grandson done? Is he so unfortunate as to not even see his grandmother once is his lifetime?”

She felt like grabbing the next train and be with him, but the thought of the Muslim daughter in law grabbed her everytime into the endless whirlpool of revenge and despair. She decided to go though, not for the baby but to return the money the son had been sending all these years and she had kept away untouched. She wanted to tell him how he had hurt his dead father’s soul by marrying a girl of the religion of his killers. She wanted to curse the girl for having snatched her only hope in this world.

It was early morning when she reached the city. The Azaan from the Masjid made her decision even stronger. As she reached the lane with numerous houses, she asked the shopkeeper at the tea stall for the address of her son, Gopal Chand. The shopkeeper gave her a long surprised look and asked, “You want to meet Gopal? But he was killed in a road accident six months ago. Poor chap couldn’t even live to see his unborn child. His widow stays in that house” he pointed to the house and resumed his job.

The mother felt a sudden heat behind her ears. She had felt it once when destiny had snatched her husband that unfortunate night. Suddenly, all things became clear to her – the money never stopped, the letters had become more emotional of late, the appeal in the recent letter…SO it is that Muslim girl stepping into the shoes of my son?

With heavy steps, she open the gate of the house. To her surprise, she spotted a lush Tulsi plant in the Balcony. Tears filled up her eyes as she remembered how she had taught the son that Tulsi brings happiness in the house. Her feet suddenly stopped when she saw the son’s widow watering the Tulsi with a Kalash and chanting the gayatri mantra. “So she never changed my son’s religion?” The tears overflowed.

As the girl finished her Pooja, her eyes met the mother and widened in surprise. She walked up to the mother, touched her feet and said “Namaste ma”. The mother, unable to bear the guilt and sorrow, hugged her tight and said “Salaam beti”

This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda

Thursday, 5 September 2013

For the Love of Art

It’s good to be a supportive spouse most of the times. Just that sometimes your overenthusiastic efforts bounce back, leaving you with no option. Well, something of this sort happened to me recently.

From Salsa to French lessons to MBA and what not, Mr. Hubby has been at his encouraging best. This time I thought of a role reversal. I had often seen him appreciate good art and the hunger to paint and draw in his eyes. Often, I asked him to resume what he left behind in school, but hubbies, you know, have a mind of their own. An year ago, I got him Canvass, paints and other tools to get going. Many art exhibitions added fuel to the fire. We even did some paintings together on our Lansdowne holiday (sorry haven’t mentioned it on my Lansdowne post). All my efforts finally paid off when few days ago, Mr. Hubby walked up to me and said “We are joining painting classes. I have enrolled and the classes begin this weekend!”

Wow! Mission successful! But hey, wait…rewind…what did he say, “WE are joining”…when did I become a part of this?

Me, from the moment I can remember, had been terrible with anything and everything remotely related to art. Drawing was the most dreaded period in school. While all kids were busy fine tuning the anatomy of the human structures, I was still struggling with getting the left eye symmetrical to the right eye on the sheet that often turned black or even tore by frequent use of eraser!

My moment did come once though in the 4th standard, when the teacher was surprised to see my perfect drawing. The drawing is still afresh in my memory – a birthday party, huge table, ballons, birthday cake and excited kids eager to get their piece of cake. Somehow I had even got the eyes symmetrical this time. So when the teacher appreciated, I was elated! The teacher asked me to fill up the colors. I attempted my creative best, and loved every bit of the painting when it was done. Wish there were Camera phones back then. But then, a child is the apple of his mother’s eyes, irrespective of how s/he looks.

The elated feeling came down with a thud when the teacher gave a look and shouted her lungs, “What have you done? The whole painting is spoiled. Since when did tables become purple in colour?” Her shout was loud enough for the whole class to hear and I could feel the heat behind my ears in the silent room. Sheepishly, I took my drawing and went back to my seat, ignoring the giggles on the back bench.

And now, when I look at modern art and houses with red walls and so many odd combinations done at the pretext of creativity, I wonder, if a wall can be blue, why couldn't a table be Purple back then?

That was it. I called it a day and parted ways with drawing; never ever told about that class incident to anyone. My parents tried a lot to revive the interest – taking me to art competitions, getting colors, books etc. But nothing much happened apart from a few participation certificates. I did manage the drawing part very well later in project work and zoology practical files. But as far as drawing and painting was concerned, it was over for me.

So, when Mr. Hubby gave me the shock of my life that day, I just kept gazing at him. No amount of pleading helped. Mr. Hubby of course knows about the school incident and felt the only way to resume what I had left then was to give it one more shot. Oh God, what goes around, comes around! I was cornered.

Like a dutiful wife, I did surrender, well more because he had already paid the money for me without informing me. By now, he has learnt enough emotional drama from me so insisted he would only go if I accompanied him. In short, I was left with no other option!
We did go for the art class.  But to know whether I rocked or shocked, you will have to wait, coz it deserves a separate post. Right now, am almost late for work and I obviously can’t tell boss I got late coz I was finishing my blog post!

So, part –II in the evening. Stay tuned!

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Smelly to smiley

There is something with smells and memories. One comes and the other trails behind till one closes the eyes to relive those sweet sour memories. Memories that travel faster than light, the spectacular time machine we love to surrender to the moment that familiar smell hits our Olfactory! 

Naughtiest smells
The naughtiest of them all is the fragrance of soil after the first rain. Till date it reminds me of the pleasure kids get by eating soil and I can’t help but close my eyes in delight as my surprised Mr. Hubby looks on.

Intoxicating smells…oops fragrances
The fragrance of delicacies being prepared by mom in the kitchen! The aroma of that special Basmati could be relished metres away from the house – a sign for us to come home. It would also be an invitation for the unwanted neighbourhood aunty who would be burning with jealousy but couldn’t resist asking mom where she got the rice from. 

As I write this, several fragrances & smells from the kitchen fill up my memory – the smell of boiled spinach, a sign that the next meal would be torturous. The fragrance of kheer & halwa that would make me go wild and shower mom with buttering for my extra bowl! The smell of burnt boiled milk – a sign of my carelessness as mom would often ask me to monitor boiling milk, and burnt milk meant scolding and lecture. The fragrance of delicacies that mom would prepare on festivals – I would go at the pretext of helping mom in the kitchen and enjoy the concoction of various food smells that would invite me for a preview of the preparations! Sometimes, an overcrowded dustbin would play the spoilsport between me and my aromas. Didn’t have the bad odour eliminating Ambi Pur back then. Else my smelly hours in the kitchen with ma would have become so super smiley. 

Irritating smell
Kitchen was bang opposite my room but Bathroom too made its presence felt…specially if some guest with not so good civic sense and a bad stomach dropped in. Locking the bathroom door or sometimes spraying my expensive deo was the only option. Wish we had AmbiPur back then.

Fragrance of love
Reminds me of the first gift from Mr. Hubby…Mediterranean by Elizabeth Arden…I had jokingly applied a generous spray and the whole room smelled awesome…

Fragrance Divine
Has to be of fresh flowers…I have always been crazy about flowers. Mom pampered me with a surprise shower of bouquets in the house on my Birthday mornings. Mom in law too gave me a floral welcome as my room was done up in beautiful white motiya, mogra and rose flowers. There may be best of fragrances in the world, but the fragrance of motiya, mogra and rose reminds me of our first night…

Sinful Smell
The smell of melted chocolate slithered around my fingers. On our first Valentine’s Day, Mr. Hubby got a nice dark chocolate. But the enthusiasm to chit chat and smile and shy ignored the poor chocolate. So by the time I opened the pack, the chocolate was all melted and creamy, but it was one sinful experience.

Fighter Smells
The smell of burnt food…the cause of my fight with Mr. Hubby that day…a dish royally ignored to burn. Blame game of “you could have monitored” and “You are careless” till mom in law managed to cease fire. Mr. Hubby adores cleanliness and fragrances. Perhaps Ambi Pur at that time could have turned our kitchen smelly to smiley…

Shameless smell
The smell from our maid servant who wouldn’t bath! On festivals, mom had to request her to take a shower else not enter the kitchen and she would shamelessly go for the latter option!

Smell of friendship…
The smell from old yellow pages of books….the best friends…one whiff and I relive the numerous nights spent and the countless cups of coffee gulped…all for the bond of a lifetime!

Smell so innocent
The smell of babies! Freshly bathed and powdered, or otherwise, babies have a characteristic sweet smell which is so pure, just like their hearts! Reminds me of the sweet smell from my nephew as didi gave him a shower and got him ready for his evening ride to the park with me, the mausi!

Fragrance of devotion
The fragrance of incense from the Puja room. The fragrance after the morning puja that would communicate the blessing from the almighty; the fragrance after the evening arti which reassured that all is well!

No matter how much smelly the past
Nothing forever lasts
A spray of optimism, love and style
Will  even change the smell to smile!

This post is written for the Smelly to smiley contest by Ambipur (visit their Facebook page here) & Indiblogger. AmbiPur offers a range of air fresheners by our old and trusted P&G. With its bad odour eliminating quality, AmbiPur is surely gonna turn those smells to smiles!