Thursday 28 March 2013

A wish that had long been due

We all love to dream. Dreams are what drive our actions. They lure, inspire and entice us to take a step ahead, to go the extra mile, to endure the grill life makes us go through every day. And when they come true, it feels like a pinnacle reached.

Just like most youngsters at the beginning of their career, I too nurtured two dreams when I started working – buying a car & owning a house. Having started early in life, I knew they were neither tough nor far. But never knew it would take so long to realize them, all due to some funny reasons.

I began my career with a high paying MNC, a job with a paycheck that made my parents take pride. Six months into my job, I told papa I wanted to buy my own car. “But your office gives you cab facility. Besides, we already own a car. Why do you want one?” he said. “But I want to buy one on my own. It will gimme a sense of accomplishment”, I argued. “Beta, rather than putting your money in something you won’t use much & lose out on depreciation, it’s better to invest in something worthwhile. It will give you a better sense of accomplishment when you actually do something good in future.” His argument, although preachy, was true. I had no need of buying a car.

I used to adore Skoda back then. The sleek yet sturdy look and feel, the excellent bootspace, the amazing features used to entice me to go for one. The bright green logo on the metallic body of the car looked soooo pretty!  But neither could I stretch that much at that time, nor could I find an excuse to counter papa’s argument. My plan went down the drain.

Then came Mr. Hubby in my life. He too already owned a car, which gave us so many sweet memories – our first date, my welcome in the house post wedding, several memorable holidays…the list is long. Still the inside of me itched hard to fulfill my wish of having my OWN car. The Octavia model I had been eyeing long also got discontinued. Often, while driving through the busy roads of Delhi, I used to spot a Skoda and say, “God has made me wait enough, now whenever I buy, it will be Skoda.” Mr. Hubby used to give his signature sweet smile and say “okie dokie”.

Finally, God decided to paint my life with colors this Holi. Few days ago, I was happily working on a project in my hostel when Mr. Hubby called me up and said, “Wanna buy a Skoda Rapid?”  My heart almost instantly went bubbling with enthusiasm. “Are you kidding?” I asked. “No, I dare not mess up with my wife’s wishes” He sounded very convincing.

When happiness has to come, it comes tip toeing from any secret corner. This dream too happened almost instantly. Formalities took a whole day, and the very next day, we welcomed our Skoda Rapid home!  I remembered the scene from the movie “Ghajini” when Asin swells up with pride after buying Ambassador cars. I had finally bought my Skoda, the very car I had dreamt of! Thanks to God & Mr. Hubby, I bought the very car I had always thought to be my first car!

I got the delivery a day before Holi! What better way than this to celebrate the festival of colors! I could see the colors of happiness on the faces of my family members.  

As the priest did the puja for my car in my temple, I looked at Lord Shiva, winked and said “You are the greatest! You know how to make your devotees happy! Thanks sooooo much!”

That day I learnt one of the biggest lessons of my life…

Dreams do come true!

Thats my Skoda Rapid!

Wednesday 27 March 2013

Ladoo Gopaal!

What do I say about my favorite laddoos….the soft, yellow balls of sheer pleasure that just melt in mouth! Any foodie would vouch for it! Even our Ganpati Bappa….it’s his favorite sweet after all…he loves it when devotees offer modaks (ladoos) during Ganpathi to please him & returns their prayers with blessings & happiness! Even Lord Krishna couldn’t resist himself the temptation of this sweet…his baby form is popularly known as laddoo gopaal among devotees!

Laddoo or laaadoo as we call it is a sweet of good times…a sweet that when shared spreads  happiness and foster brotherhood  irrespective of caste or class.  No matter who voted for whom, when election results are out, no one minds popping up laddoos distributed by the winners.  No Independence day function goes complete without laddoos. As kids we used to get up early & rush to sing patriotic songs in our colony’s Independence Day function…just to get an extra laddoo or two distributed after flag hosting. The greed was carried even to the temples where I used to demand the bigger laddoo from panditjee, as if it is the birthright of every child…and with a humble smile, he used to oblige me while my mother used to have this “ye kab sudhreygee”look!

Our relation with laddoos begins the day we come into this world! Laddoos are distributed among family and friends upon the arrival of a laddoo gopaal (little one…since children are an incarnation of God) in the family. I have lost count now of the number of times I have stuffed 2-3 laddoos at a go in my brother’s mouth during Rakhi. It’s a usual sight to see parents distributing laddoos among neighbours when their little champ passes with flying colors (pappu pass ho gayaaa!)…It’s a treat to the eyes when fans of all castes & creeds for once come together to share their pride with laddoos, dhol beats & firecrackers when India wins that cricket series!

Since our auspicious Lord Ganesha is roped in whenever a new chapter of our life begins, how can laddoos be left behind? Whether it’s buying of a car, a new house or beginning of new business, laddoos are everywhere!  In the big fat Indian weddings, ladoos are as important as priest … ladoos are a must in the bhaji (or assortment of sweets distributed to relatives and friends during weddings). Bride and groom to be are treated with laddoos when the match is fixed (ooops…finalized) is to bring sweetness in their relationship. A young bride bringing with her laddoos to the family is considered a sign of her bringing happiness, prosperity and sweetness in the family.  Laddoos are given to a new mother to recuperate with the physical strain of bearing a child. Any puja, any havan goes incomplete without laddoos. No matter how strict a mother is, her little one stealing laddoos from the home temple is overlooked as it’ s the family’s laddoo gopaal satiating his taste buds!

Who can forget the aroma from box of laddoos our loving mothers send to our hostels! The til (sesame) laddoos prepared by my mother in law during winters is one of the hardest things  to resist & I fulfill my duty as a loving bhabhi by secretly doling out special servings to my brother in law, much more than his budgeted per day limit. Whatever be the occasion…a laddoo stuffed in mouth is sure shot mantra to bring a smile on your face…try eating a laddoo without smiling!

Though in India, laddoos come in many varieties, (gramflour, coconut, sesame, edible gum, moong daal), all are progenies of the traditional motichoor laddoos, also known as boondi ladoos. Made of Bengal gram, sugar, nuts and desi ghee (clarified butter), perfecting the art of ladoos is not everyone’s cup of tea. You will find that the flavor of laddoos will change at every shop; each giving its signature flavor to the age old recipe.  Laddoos prepared in villages are extra big and extra sweet (just like the people there!)… You and I might not be able to manage more than one laddoo. But it’s a treat for villagers who, used to strenuous physical activity gobble up anywhere between 20-50 ladoos in a single session! As warriors sing their tales of triumph, women at village feasts are often seen sharing counts of ladoos they had…competing with their friends…a’ la Hot dog eating contests!

I’ve been fortunate to savour some of the best ladoos in town. During my sister’s wedding, special Halwai was arranged from the walled city to prepare ladoos to be sent to the groom’s family. My wedding bhaji had a generous quantity of boondi and besan ladoos which I even carried to my honeymoon, much to the amusement of my husband! Such is a Dilliwalla’s love for ladoos.

In Delhi, it’s not hard to find ladoos to suit your palate. Evergreen Sweet House at Green Park market serve awesome motichoor  ladoos. Found by a skilled halwai, Late Shri Radha Krishan Chopra  in 1961, Evergreen Sweet House export to USA, UK, Italy, Germany, Kuwait, Australia & The Kiwiland! Once on a visit to Goa, our host asked us specially to bring laddoos from Evergreen and the staff at counter swelled with pride when I told him their soaring popularity.
Evergreen Sweet House,
S-29 & 30, Green Park Main Market, New Delhi – 110016.
Phone: + 91-11-26521615/ 26514642

The Haldiram’s & Bikanervala’s too do a decent job at dishing out ladoos. However, the taste may vary from outlet to outlet. After all, every second sweet shop in Delhi is christened Bikanervala !

Any visit to Bengali market goes incomplete without a visit to Nathu’s sweets there. After gorging on their very famous chhole bhature, my taste buds just want their laddoos. They serve really and sumptuous ladoos and it requires a lot of effort to control your temptation beyond 1 laddoo.
Nathu's sweets
23,24,25 Bengali market
New Delhi-110001 

Almost every Army person coming back from Jalandhar is seen carrying laddoos from lovely sweets (popularly known as “lovely ke laddoos”) for his family and friends back home. I recently checked their website & u can order ladoos online for (a little less than $5.00). I am yet to savour them but have heard so much and really look forward to.

On an official trip to Kanpur, my husband once called me and said he is getting Thaggu ke ladoos….i found the name quite unreal and initially dismissed as a joke but found that “Thaggu ke laddu” really do exist! The name Thaggu, or the hindi word for thief, really steals hearts of those who savour them. The shop is so confident about their ladoos that the packaging mentions “Aisa koi saga nahi jisko humney thaga  nahi”….Made from cashews, semolina, nuts, almond etc the ladoos really will steal your hearts away. I loved their special ladoos & doodh peda…a must try. The shopkeeper tells with immense pride about Abhishek Bacchhan having shot the move “Bunty aur babli” there. The owner Mr. During the Ash-Abhishek wedding, the owner of thaggu ke laddu Mr Prakash Pandey even carried a hamper of laddoos prepared specially for the wedding.
Thaggu ke laddu
Outlets at Bada Chauraha, Kakadeo, Swaroop Nagar, Canal Express Road & Govind Nagar in Kanpur

Tewari Bros. at Connaught Place are famous for their desi ghee motichoor ladoos….it’s a small sleepy shop with neat stacks of sweets. The smell of pure ghee surrounds the air the moment you enter the shop.  Though heavier on the calorie side, the laddoos are so soft and juicy that they break if not handled with care. Their ladoos just melt in your mouth and the aroma of pure ghee leaves you with a royal feeling.
Tewari Bros
73, Municipal Market, Connaught Place, Delhi, 110001
Phone: (+91) 11 23411765, (+91) 11 23413313
With so many options to choose from, Delhi is truly a delight for the sweet buds…and the amazing variety of laddoos here will have you asking for more! So, go, take your pic!!!

P.S. A big thanks to Tewari bros. whose laddoos inspired me to share my laddoo thoughts with you. A little heavy inspiration though, as I have almost finished the 250g box and will have to sweat it out in the gym for days to burn it out! But the calories are worth it…a must try whenever you visit Delhi! 

Tuesday 19 March 2013

No more splits! Yippeeeee

I still remember the first day of college. From clothes to accessories to look, everything was brand new. Of course nowadays teenagers go for cosmetic treatments, spa splurges & can go up to any extent just to make that perfect first impression. But in my times, clothes & accessories were the main focus. Besides, when going for a course such as Hotel Management, one was upfront given directions about formal attire & professional behavior. But, college was college, and most of the gyaan was soon trashed the moment we were out of the induction session.

Just like hunters waiting for their catch, a swarm of seniors waited outside the auditorium for us fachchas. The moment session ended and the principal left, they jumped inside the auditorium, locked the doors and began to download the REAL guidelines that had to be followed for a month. I had expected the usual “sing a song, chawanni athhani kinda stuff”, but ragging in an HM college was a different ball game all together. I think all that deserves a separate dedicated post, so lemme move back to what happened in the auditorium that day.

We were given the usual dress code – mismatch salwar kurta, oiled hair with 2 braids, bindi and bathroom slippers. They even warned us that if some teacher asks, we had to say we had dressed up in a hurry & were just about to slip into the uniform for the practicals.

All our dreams of flaunting our look to our DU counterparts vanished in thin air. My friend Mona said, “wearing a salwar suit is OK, but no oil/braids for me, it will look so behanji type.” A senior quickly overheard, gave a wicked smile and said “Unfortunately you have joined HM. There is lot of oil in the kitchen where we fry fish during our food production practicals. I poured the entire oil over a fresher's hair last year & won’t mind repeating the ritual with you.”

Next day, poor Mona and I, boarded the bus, embarrassed as our DU friends were dressed up to kill. There was no escape. 2 seniors also took the same bus & utilized the opportunity to grill us throughout the journey. By the way, they used to call it “personality development program.” I hated the 2 braids & oil. Not that it gave me the behanji look (it actually made me look very cute, as per my encouraging mom). The braids looked very shabby. That was when I realized I had been a victim of split ends. But I had no option than to don those braids. It was better than smelling of fish & becoming the laughing stock of college. We reached college & stuck to groups of the same species to avoid being caught by seniors.

Just as we came out of the last lecture, we were caught by a famously cruel senior, Miss Singh. Although I later discovered she was gem of a person, during ragging we dreaded being caught by her. Coz she was famous for giving the worst punishments & the fish oil incident was also credited to her. Like a goat, we made the most innocent face ever & answered whatever she asked. One look at me and she said, “hello madam, u haven’t joined a normal college. You can’t even manage a neat braid, how will you manage in hospitality?” Now this was embarrassing, especially because I was with my group of friends at that time. Miss Singh left but my split ends had been highlighted! The Miss Chic in my group gave me “a” look & suggested an expensive salon. Some others suggested tips on diet etc. But, hey, it was embarrassing me even more. I wished for a magic lamp so that I could get rid of them immediately.

The moment I entered home, big tears rolled down my eyes & I was after mom’s life to get me a haircut, else I wouldn’t go to college….

That was years ago...

And today, when I received my pack of “Dove split end rescue” shampoo & conditioner, I immediately said, “why didn't you come to my rescue that day when I faced so much embarrassment due to these split ends?” But thank God, Dove thought about this problem and came up with a solution. Have been totally in love with the shampoo and conditioner, the sheen, fragrance & the assurance of Dove damage solutions. The fiber actives in the shampoo make my hair much softer after the shower and I am desperately waiting for the split ends to vanish, so that I can once again fulfill my dreams of having beautiful, long hair.

I can never forget that day in college but I am glad my niece won’t have to face all that on her first day to college. She has the power of fiber actives in Dove by her side.
 As for me, I know miracles don’t happen overnight, but persistent efforts & belief does work.

Sunday 17 March 2013

Woman of Substance

Whenever God sends an angel to this planet, he gives her limitless love which she can spread in this cruel world, compassion that makes her care and nurture many lives, wisdom that can light up the whole society & tolerance to take upon her the pain of others. God calls her a woman. But that’s not all, God also bestows her with strength that can turnaround the worst of situations. That makes her a woman of substance.

Mrs P came into this world in 1947 – a year that changed the fate of our nation. Being born in that special year, she too was a special one, who had to change the lives of many others.
But it wasn’t a bed of roses for Mrs P. Born eldest of six children in the family; responsibilities and sacrifice were always showered upon her. And she too, took them with a smile. While India had achieved freedom, the women of that time were yet to get their share of freedom. Education was a luxury that was allowed only if the household chores were complete. P was a bright kid, always topping the class & bringing pride to the parents, while her brothers struggled to pass. The parents were glad as everything was in order, though the mother often worried, how would she find a match for P if she got too educated beyond the norms of the society? But, the father gave P hopes that she would become a nurse one day.

And then, destiny played its tricky game. P’s mother one day asked her to help the neighbor with tea as some guests had come over. Poor P didn’t know this was a trick to arrange meeting with groom side for P’s marriage. Everything was fixed. P cried and begged her parents to let her continue studies, but nobody took mercy on her. Two months before her eighteenth birthday, she was married off.

P’s life changed as she came behind the veil (ghoongat). The ritual of reading was overnight replaced by household chores, taunts from her sister in law & never ending household politics. But P was a woman of substance, she didn’t give up. She convinced her husband & resumed her studies. Ahead of her class, she soon her completed her bachelors & masters, a big achievement in her times. P was going to be a mother now. She wanted the best for her child and when she got a call for a government job, she thanked the unborn child for the luck. But, destiny decided to play its tricks once more. So a night before the interview was scheduled, P delivered a baby girl.

While the glass was half empty, P always looked at the glass half full. So, rather than getting disheartened at losing out on the job, the mother inside was overjoyed with her prized possession. Years passed, three more little angels were born, 2 girls and a boy. With career ambitions taking a backseat, P’s ambition now was to inculcate the best in her children. She prioritized them over everything else, taught them her secret mantra of positivism and sacrificed her comforts and aspirations to make them comfortable. She taught her daughters to be independent & prove that women can achieve anything they want. P had no regrets about her own broken aspirations, for she saw her own win each time the kids achieved milestones.

The children grew up & went on to achieve their dreams. While P was a satisfied mother, the angel in her wanted to do something more, something beyond the periphery of her house, something for the society. She had often seen the poor fall prey to ailments, unable to afford a decent treatment. P’s husband had retired by now. Along with him she decided to benefit the poor by her knowledge of homeopathy. Her clinic started in the living room of her small house. Treatment & medicines were free for all, as P, a meticulous planner had invested a part of her savings for the cause. The swarm of patients outside her humble clinic increased exponentially, as the news of her magical touch spread like wildfire. Sometimes the patients dropped in at odd hours. The husband would suggest she ask them to come the next day during clinic timings. But P, with unlimited compassion inside, entertained any and every patient even at the odd hours. Just like God, nobody was denied help at her doorstep.

P’s life had come a full circle. God had rewarded her for her zeal and efforts. She had achieved something beyond the usual materialistic possessions – ultimate satisfaction, immense love from strangers, and above all, the ability to make a difference in the life of others. She had truly excelled as a woman of substance.

Mrs P, the woman of substance, was my mother.

This post has been exclusively written for Woman of substance contest on

Saturday 16 March 2013

The Joy of Small things

Recently spotted something that once again proved what I always say. Life isn't about always going for the best, the magnanimous. Most often it’s the small, sporadic, little things that bring immense joy. As for me, a surprise long drive by Mr. Hubby, a plate of my favorite pani puri, a call from an old friend, birds in my garden, etc etc ….all bring a smile on my face.

These pics were captured while I was waiting for bus at Neemrana. Due to extensive construction projects, one can spot many labor settlements. In the heat and dust, the peals of laughter from these kids was such a relief. While their parents were away at work, they were enjoying a swing ride, on such a different swing – the body of a truck!
We always crib about the lack of resources, time, and happiness. But these kids were real innovators & knew their way out and have a good time.

Sometimes we get so busy in the rut of life that we forget the happiness that simplicity beholds. Then God gives us these moments to tell us, happiness is inside! I have written about this before here...

Wednesday 13 March 2013

My purple miracle!

We all have our days when nothing goes straight. The smallest, simplest things become tangled & messy, just like our hair. Pollution, dust, weather, stress all play havoc on our fragile hair. Sometimes, the mess up happens even before one reaches office. And the good old tight bun comes to rescue.
Pic Courtesy:Google Search

But two days ago, while I carelessly tied my locks in a bun and was lost in the world of Balance Sheets in office, Mr. Hubby called. “Baby, we have to go to a party in the evening. Be home on time…we leave sharp at 8!” As he said this my fingers went in my rough, messy hair that I had conveniently tied up tightly in a bun. Like a recap of my favorite soap, the morning events ran in front of my eyes – rushing to work, the sudden dust storm that took me by surprise, that important assignment, stress (I subconsciously play with my hair when I am stressed), my hair had been through a lot today. “No time to go to salon, what do I do?” A part of me felt like calling back Mr. Hubby and yelling why his friends love these last minute parties? But it was useless now. There was no time left for damage control.

I didn’t want to be the outcast as his friends’ wives would display their flowing hair, straight out of the salon! Work was soon forgotten. The remaining day was spent fretting & exploring options – making the “I am sick, I wont go” excuse, tying a boring bun, donning a headgear, I thought it all. Friends too got sympathetic and suggested some easy to make buns. But I was super upset.

As I entered home, I saw a purple surprise waiting for me. Indiblogger had decided to be my well wisher that evening & had sent me my free sample of Sunsilk Perfect Straight Shampoo & Conditioner. The pack said “keeps the hair fully aligned as it dries”. It rung a bell inside. “It might just save me today”, I thought & rushed to shower.

Few minutes of indulgence with the purple miracle (That’s what I would like to call the shampoo-conditioner ) & my hair were out of the shower totally aligned! Mr. Hubby’s “we are getting late” song gave me no time to even blow dry. I hurriedly got ready & sat in the car with a comb in hand. The 30 minute drive gave my hair enough time to dry while I combed them. One look in the mirror & it felt like a miracle! My crowning glory was looking so perfect, so straight & a shine that lit up my evening! Thanks Indiblogger, Sunsilk & Yuko Yamashita for making my day! Compliments flowed as Mr Hubby’s eyes were stuck on me throughout the party.

During the romantic drive back home, as he said “ u look lovely tonight”, I winked & said

I got my perfect straight locks!
Sunsilk perfect straight shampoo rocks!

 This post is part of Sunsilk Perfect Straight Review by Sunsilk in association with Indiblogger.

Friday 8 March 2013

Happy Women's Day

Pic Courtesy:Google Search

Women’s day comes & celebrations galore! A day to recognize, appreciate & acknowledge the lovely women around us who give meaning to our lives – mothers, daughters, sisters, wives, teachers, friends, nurses. Can’t imagine a life without them. Not to forget Mother Nature. As Geri Helliwelli sings “God bless Mother Nature, she is a single woman too! She took over heaven, and she did what she had to do!”
Pic Courtesy:Google Search
And how can we ignore ourselves? It’s a moment to take pride in the girl inside who has come way ahead of being just the weaker sex. There are times one is made to feel “You are a woman, you can’t do this”. It’s a moment to celebrate the victory of women who have rose up from this “cant” to “you have done it!”

Though the greatest woman in my life – my mother is not with me today, I celebrate this day for having spent some wonderful years of my life with such a rock solid woman. Thank u God! Every year on women’s day, she would tell me about the conservative state of affairs during her times & would appreciate the strength of countless women who have broken the boundaries & come this far!

It’s also a celebration to the women who have the grit to change the mindset of society, without even stepping out of their homes. I look up to women like my mother in law, who, despite living in a conservative society, nourished their dream of empowering the generations to come! And because of such strong women, our generation has the much desired freedom to chase & live our dreams.

While it’s a day of get togethers & parties for us, government is trying its best too…trying to give us women our safety & security back, which has faced a major threat in the recent times.

However, what good is a celebration when I pick up a tabloid and read of a girl being raped right on women’s day! There are still some thankless souls who, instead of acknowledging the women in their lives, abuse their femininity shamelessly. The real celebration will be the day when the respect comes for real, from inside & from all fronts. You can’t teach an animal to become civilized in a day. But you can train them to follow step by step. And the first step for such souls is to learn to respect their own women – their mothers, wives & sisters who they openly take for granted. Only when they learn to clean their house will they learn not to litter in public!

And hopefully, when such good times come, every day shall be women’s day! A celebration of our love, freedom, success & dignity!

Here’s a song by Billy Joel to all the lovely women on this planet who make the world a much better place to live in!

Wednesday 6 March 2013

Shameless Optimism

It’s not a good habit to wash one’s dirty linen in public. People often hide their flaws and inflate even the minutest of qualities they have. I choose to be honest with my blog. I have never been the athlete types (though I ran the Delhi Half Marathon 4yrs ago). My visits to the jogging park near my place are more like one time guest appearances. Like majority of women, marriage has given me too bliss in the form of extra calories & piles of weight.

2.5yrs back, hubby & I went for a trek to Valley of flowers (am yet to blog about it! How lazy of me), Tungnath Chopta & Deoria Taal. I was like a kid who had to be shown lollipop to get work done. Hubby was at his motivating best, as I struggled & gasped for breath. After that trip, I decided to go for a trek only when I have consistently built lung capacity by running in the park. However, humans, being humans, love to procrastinate.

The dormant volcano in me was erupted by Discovery Channel last week. They showed a documentary on an all women group from the Indian Army who went & scaled Mt Everest. Immediately, my heart pounded with enthusiasm – when they can, why can’t I?
Someone rightly said “Dil to bachha hai ji, thoda kacha hai ji”. I was horribly bad with the Valley of flower trek & here I was, secretly dreaming for scaling the Everest or any such tough trek!

I looked on my side, mom in law & hubby were happily enjoying the documentary, oblivious to the khichdi that simmered in my mind. But the question was, how could I even mention? Like in movies, I even imagined myself disclosing my plan to them & almost instantly becoming laughing stock.

So, I just sighed. “This trek is tough na?” I asked hubby, pretended just curious. “Tough, it’s the toughest! Only few members of the groups are able to move from Camp 4 to the summit, & so many people even lose their lives. Besides it’s an expensive trek” He said. “Hmmmm….”, I said. Me wondered & wondered. “Forget it Shaivi, they will laugh at u.” I convinced myself & tried to focus on the documentary.

The heart, well, had other plans. Almost involuntary, something inside me got busy planning. “So what if it’s expensive, I could delay that ring I have been wanting to buy. Saving my salary plus some borrowing would help. But what about the main issue, remember how he was laughing at me when I was ready to give up after every 100m in the last trek? But, that was 2.5 yrs ago, this time, I will practice hard, go for a 3km run every morning so that I don’t lose breath. You only live once, why not stretch the limits, adrenaline rush, blah blah blah……” The heart was going on and on! The whistle of the cooker finally interrupted my fairy tale plans.

Being realistic, I don’t aim for Everest at this stage, but even if I manage a tough trek by the end of this year, it would give my self-confidence a new high score!
Still don’t have the guts to reveal my secret plan to Mr. Hubby. While chances are he will ask me to work on an action plan to build my stamina, I fear he may laugh at me & remind me of the previous treks. But despite knowing my previous trek records, not once has my heart/mind thought, “I can’t”. Not once have I stopped planning for it.
That’s optimism – shameless, at its best!
Pic Courtesy : Google Search

Tuesday 5 March 2013

My first Blog Award!

So this is a buy one get one free moment! My last post celebrated my blog getting the “WOW” from Blogadda & I write this blog to celebrate my 1st blog award – The Creative blogger award! Yippeeeeeeeee!

A big thanks to Bushra of Confessions of a stillettomaniac for appreciating my blog & conferring this title to my blog. When I began blogging a few months ago, I wasn’t even aware that some blog awards exist. And here am I today, receiving one! All thanks to Bushra dear. From shayari to fiction, her blog is a daily darshan for me as there is always something short & sweet awaiting there!  

You know what, as a kid, while watching film fare awards, I have prepared numberless thanks speeches. Today, as I write this post, somewhere I amm in the same mode! Haha! The child in me is bubbling with enthusiasm & shouting! Yipppeee! 

And let me now tell u a bit about this award. Presented to me by Bushra, this award is an appreciation of the immense creativity that flows across blogospehere. But wait, you have to earn it by blogging your creative best & following some rulzzzz (They aren’t compulsory though, but following would be good)

And we are done! Now that’s pretty simple….Hmmmm.
So now, my turn to answer…

Three things About yourself.
1. Well, I am a somewhat crazy & hopelessly positive person, pestering Mr. Hubby with my whacky ideas & asking him to materialize them!
2. Love to read, write, sing, click, travel & eat
3. A total child at heart (well, that’s what people who know me say)

Two things People don't know about you.
1. I sing well
2. I have won national awards twice for poetry

One thing you want to change about yourself.
Now, this is tough. Even though I am my favorite (like kareena Kapoor of “Jab We Met”), there are soooo many things I would wanna change(improve) about me. Well, I would like to be less sensitive, to start with…

Now, for the nomination specialzzz
(I feel like a celeb giving some interview! Lolz!)

An incident in your life that you describe as_unforgettable!
Losing my mom….she was my battery & u know how a phone becomes without a battery...

When your blog was just a new born baby, what is the craziest thing you did to increase your followers?
Well, to be honest, NOTHING. I began this blog just to express life from my spectacle, just to savor the joy of writing. It was only when I was few posts old that my friends suggested I make it public.

What are the three things that make you smile and the three things that put you off?
3 things that make me smile –
1. Unexpected pleasant surprises (Mr. Hubby reading this would know I am indirectly asking my next gift)
2. More than anything,happiness & togetherness of my loved ones. They mean the world to me
3. When I observe people enjoying the simple, small joys of life, it makes me smile from the heart

3 things that put me off –
Double Standards
People who are insensitive to other’s emotions
Super smart people who think all flattery & little work can reach them to the top

If you were granted 1 wish to wish for anything_what would you wish for?
I would wish for more empathy in this world. Coz the lack of it is spoiling everything

If you were famous, what would it be for?
Well, if were famous, it most probably would be for my creative & expressive self.

Wow, that was fun to do!
And now, I nominate the following awesome bloggers with oodles of creativity for the “Creative blogger award”-
Nandini nandinispeaks
Indrani - isharethese
Farzana & Aliasgar Mukhtiar -  farzanaaliasgarmukhtiar
Debjyoti -  factsandnonsense
Valli - poetrymyfeelings

Congratulations! I enjoy reading your blogs & find them very creative. I now pass on the baton!

My questions for the nominees -
1. What does happiness mean to you?
2. What’s the best thing you have ever done to bring a smile on someone’s face
3. If you get Aladdin’s magic lamp, what would you do?
4. Whats the best thing you love about your blog?

That’s all, get starrrted! 

Saturday 2 March 2013

WOW Moment!

Happiness, they say come in small packets, from unexpected corners. I usually write for my own happiness & have only recently started participating in blogging contests. Blogging gives me so much joy that sometimes I tell Mr. Hubby “This is what true love is” and he gives me “a hullow, wat are u saying?” look! Haha!

I am a big fan of writing prompts. They bring a kind of regime in blogging schedule. Sometimes, it’s a challenge to blog on something that’s not well known to us. But, I love challenges, they prompt me to test my creativity & figure out thoughts I otherwise wouldn't have discovered.

One such activity is “Write over the weekend” (WOW) by Every week, blogadda puts up the topic. All one needs to do is blog about the topic, copy the code & mention the link” and it’s done!

Who says prizes are the only motivation? Appreciation & encouragement comes first & lasts longer. This morning, a pleasant surprise awaited my facebook page. Entries which were WOW received a special mention on the Blogadda page. 

Not expecting much, I thought, “lets check out which posts are WOW” but the moment I went to the Blogadda page, my heart & mind chorused WOW! Incidently, this was in a way related to the theme of this week’s WOW (My heart was saying “Yes” but my head was saying “No”). My entry received a special mention as a “WOW” entry! Now that truly made my day! You can read the post here...

What more, I even get to flaunt a WOW badge on my post now! 

More than anything else, it is the appreciation a blogger really craves & when s/he gets it, it’s a WOW moment!

Thank you sooooo much Blogadda!