Saturday, 29 December 2018

60 seconds of sisterhood

At the busy BKC-CST Road signal, when I was sulking over how each day traffic multiplies
I caught gazing at me from the adjacent Auto, a pair of eyes.

This was no eveteaser, the gaze didn't have an uncomfortable feel,

This was a pair of beautiful Kohled eyes, gazing at me from behind a veil.

Perhaps my blue sleeveless blouse and green saree caught her attention,

The narrowing corners of her eyes hinted at a complimenting smile and I smiled in reciprocation.

A mixed bag of emotions behind those eyes could be seen.

Sadly, the sisterhood lasted 60 seconds and the signal went green.

Just then, her gaze signalled me to look down,

The sight would have surely made her mother frown!

She pulled up her Burqa for a moment & I spotted chic red pencil heels,

But the trendy pair of jeans covering her calfs was the real fashion steal!

My curious look turned into a look of awe at once.

I smiled at her, signalling "Ja Simran, Jee le Apni Zindagi" coz you only live once!

(Inspired by a true incident)