Friday 17 May 2013

Ideas ideas everywhere, no time to blog

I had often read bloggers cribbing about blogger’s block – after the initial shower of posts and page views, the rigour suddenly takes a backseat. And not because of any specific reason but just like that. Just like the decline phase in the product life cycle, the blogger stops having those amazing ideas or the enthusiasm to check page views or post something frequently. The usual remedy is to give it some time. Bloggers usually take a well deserved break from the pressure of posting and saving their blogging ranks & once back, they usually start with introspective/philosophical posts.

But it isn't blogger’s block that is eating away my blogging frequency. It is the good old excuse (and in my case, truly genuine one) – lack of time.

Having jumped into the blogging arena only a couple of months ago, blogging still runs around in my system and gives me a high. Lectures, exams, submissions, mood swings, so far nothing has been able to hold me away from posting my ideas on my blog. The mind still brims with loads of ideas, and the evidence can be found on the umpteen “to do’s” on my smart phone and laptop.  Yet, since I have returned to Delhi, Miss blogging often complains to Mr. mind – “you don’t have time for me.”

One option was to comfort Miss blogging by posting some pictures or quotes, but that wouldn’t have justified the purpose of me getting into blogging.

So, I decided to think aloud about what’s affecting my blogging frequency –

1. The blogging seat – Believe it or not, but its true. In college, my desk next to the window with a scenic view of the Aravallis got out the best of my creativity. Back to the concrete jungles of Delhi, my dedicated writing space has gone.

2. Cooking – The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Very true, but the same way also takes you away from the “me time”.  No, I am not being a lazy wife & Mr. Hubby knows this. But when at home, I find myself more in kitchen than anywhere else.

3.  Being the social butterfly – I once read on author Preeti Shenoy’s blog that one has to sacrifice social life to make it up for the love of writing. I still don’t completely agree but the recent family weddings, outings, chit chats, gossip sessions and get togethers have got me to somewhat think about it.

4.  Spending the quality time – Now this one’s the most important. Recently Mr. Hubby got bitten by the Watsapp bug (and I have a full post dedicated to this in pipeline). Though I am not that fussy a wife, whenever I find him glued to his Watsapp or Discovery Turbo, I make the most innocent face & crib that he has no time for me. And poor thing gives in to my draamebaazee! But he is no innocent thing anymore, coz he has now found a way to get back at me. Whenever he sees me glued to my laptop (which often is the moment I have just began work on a new post), he too, makes that same innocent face (though with a dash of sarcastic naughtiness!) and says “U have no time for me, I meees u”. My own weapon used against me!

No matter how much I crib, I can’t live without blogging. While wrapping up at work yesterday, the optimistic me planned the rest of the evening my way & resolved to write a post every alternate day.  Even though an unexpected guest & the elaborate menu played spoilsport, the moral refuses to go down. And here I am, back to my blog!
Thats my computer calling me to blog!

Monday 13 May 2013

So I get to walk the ramp!

Picture perfect, chiseled bodies, perfect poise, looks that kill - models are what every gal idolizes when it comes to looks. Not to miss their shining, smooth tresses which embrace any hairstyle. I have lost count of the times I have tried to copy their hairdos as a teenager, mostly ending in messy disasters. How do they do it? I used to wonder. Stress, pollution, chemicals – poor hair bear the brunt of them all. As career kept eating away into the “me time”, getting that hair a’la models became a distant dream.

But not anymore.

While browsing recently through Indiblogger, I came across the TRESemme Ramp Ready hair contest. I had seen a few promos of TRESemme on TV & my neighbor in hostel had recently got herself the shampoo. The page mentioned “get your hair ramp ready”. With all those years of dull, messy hair behind me, the claim was too good to be true. However, I decided to give it a try.

Indiblogger was as usual prompt with the shipping & within few days, I received my free bottle of TRESemme hair fall control conditioner. Having straight hair yet falling prey to hair fall & dull hair had been frustrating. The product, with its enriched formula, claimed to work on the deadly tangles that every girl fears. The catch was simple, getting salon ready hair in few washes. Although I didn’t get breakage free hair overnight, my hair were surprisingly a lot less tangled than their usual self.

Next, it was time to get the perfect salon look. And I didn’t have to step out of my home for that. The TRESemme India youtube link   brought salon perfect hairdos right to my home. Diana Penty welcoming me to the fashion show amidst the flashing lights, I was feeling like a Diva already!

Beginning with the basics of a good hair wash, the interactive, user friendly module allowed me to pick my favorite hairdo as per my hair type. I chose the Butterfly ponytail. Never before had someone made salon styling so simple. The TRESemme hairstylist explained step by step how to get the hairdo. Unlike the various beauty shows on TV, I got a detailed view with explanation & could repeat the video. I simultaneously tried the butterfly ponytail on my hair. Wow, I actually did it on my own, in the comfort of my home!

But the pampering was far from over. It was time to actually feel the excitement of the ramp. One click & I was right there at the ramp! My favorite hairstyle, music, photographers - the feeling of being a model was sinking in. And with Diana Penty among the viewers, anybody would love to flaunt their salon ready look!

Thanks TRESemme for giving making me believe that every girl next door can get her hair ramp ready!

This post is a part of the TRESemme Ramp Ready Hair contest in association with Indiblogger.