Tuesday 19 May 2020

It is so good to be BACK

Like a typical script writer looking for perfection, I type, delete, retype and delete again! 

That's what happens when you are writing after ages. By writing, I mean the traditional long form writing, not Facebook posts ( I actually met someone at an event once who said he too is a blogger. When I asked for his blog address, he said "Oh I blog on Facebook!!! Lol!)

There is so much to write and I don't know where to begin. 

Thanks to the lockdown, my mind which had been tuned to work like a pendulum, yearned for some solace from the soul. The good old friend blogging was terribly missed.

I began blogging with so much zing sometime in 2012 while pursuing MBA. Not a day went by when I didn't check my blog multiple times a day and posted almost daily. 

I can relate this to the relationship between two lovers. They meet, they click. Then passion takes over in such a big way that they are inseparable. As time passes, the passionate flames do get subsided to some extent. But not love. Whether times are good or bad, it is each other the lovers look forward to for sharing their feelings. And time spent becomes an irrelevant factor. 

Such is relationship between me and my blog. 

I had never ever imagined a day would come when my posting frequency would drop down to 2 posts a year (2019). 

But, being a working mom changes everything beyond one's imagination. 

However, I am glad I returned before an year. As they say "subah ka bhoola shaam ko waapis aa gaya!)

I remember when my blogging frequency dropped due to motherhood, I would often complain to Mr. Hubby that all these blogging ideas accumulating in my mind are choking me and I need time to vent it out on my blog. He would smile and say "it is better to have ideas even if you cant blog than having no ideas at all!"

Then one day, the ideas too died. 

I forgot that I was once a blogger. When people asked me about my blog, I would give a shy smile and make excuses or in better words, try to justify my absence. People understood and slowly they too stopped asking.

Then few days ago, my niece messaged me that she is starting a blog and wanted me to review and give my feedback. The fact that she had been in so much awe of my blogging and considered me her inspiration jolted the blogger inside me and I decided to blog again.

It wasn't easy due to a plethora of things in my to do list everyday. 

But the sheer thought of blogging again did something great to me. 

The ideas came back to my mind. I would be feeding the kids and my mind would say "yay we can blog about this and that and yap yap yap!"

Finally when the bucket began to overflow I decided to open my Macbook which had not seen light of the day since 7-8 months. 

And it is so good to be back. Like hugging my bestie after ages. 

Hope to be regular with blogging now on...for nothing should come between us and our me time!a