Sunday 15 February 2015

From separation to jubilation

The last few days saw a very irritable and dead side of me. As if life had become a boring pendulum that oscillated between office and home. The mind went on an auto mode with this mundane routine. I didnt feel any zing when I woke up in the morning and the day didn’t offer anything to look forward to. Evenings too, became a routine affair. While my colleagues would be happy, calling a day off and discussing their evening plans, I would simply sit back and immerse myself in work.

Perhaps, all this was to escape the horror of staying away from my passion – blogging. Once a blogger, nothing gives you more joy than sharing your views with others and nothing gives more pain than an inactive blog and dipping page views.

My laptop, which was my window to the world of blogging, gave in to senile decay. Often, in the middle of blogs, the laptop would heat up and black out, making me pull my hair in frustration. I tried to blog through the tab, but old habits die hard and my fingers yearned for the keyboard. Every day, I would read blogs by fellow bloggers and wish when I would strike back. I almost stopped looking at blogging contests and book review offers, for better to make commitments when one can fulfill them. Movies and outings no longer seemed enticing, for I could no longer blog about my experiences.  After few days, the helpless mind too, stopped buzzing with ideas.

While I didn’t cry or crib, for I knew our busy schedules, Mr. Hubby noticed the frustration in my silence and this weekend, decided to take things in his own stride. He took the laptop to the service center and the technician gave it a fresh lease of life. When he surprised me in the evening with the news, I was all elated like a lover reunited with his lost love!

This morning became so special…

I woke up to a hyperactive mind, buzzing with ideas. It didn’t even wait for me to finish the bed tea or catch up with newspaper. Finally, I had to jot down the ideas which would fuel my blog for the days to come. When I saw my blog after so many days, it welcomed me with open arms and surprisingly, there was increase in page views too. They say it is separation that makes us realize the value of something, and this separation has been tough for me. But, it feels so good to be back since I can share my feelings, views and experiences once again on my blog, and connect with the awesome friends blogging has gifted me!