Friday, 12 October 2012

Wonderful blunderzzzzzz

Mr. Husband has a penchant for ordering everything online. Be it his SLR camera, gogs (yes, without trying), camping tents, books (lots of them), music system, phone, deos and what not. While on some occasions, the deals ended up total disasters (the awesome looking, awful smelling deodorant that was passed on to a cousin, or the goggles that looked suave but felt like the ones sold by gubbareywaala and are parked somewhere in the closet). The camera and books have so far been the best deals. Of course, u don’t wear them, and guys usually do fit in T-shirts (it doesn’t matter to them if it’s a bit loose here and there). But for women, it’s a different ball game, fitting being the top priority. And so no matter how tempting that lingerie looks or the throwaway price that kurta is for, except books I always refrain from shopping online.

It was Eve who inspired Adam to eat the forbidden fruit but in my case, It’s my Adam who has done so. Since the bug of fitness bit me, I had been craving for a chic pair of lowers. A week ago, Mr. Adam shortlisted this amazing looking pair for me. My mind warned me against shopping online, but the girl inside said “when your hubby gifts you something, never refuse.” Being a girl, I couldn’t ignore her and I said yes.

In the middle of a perfect Friday at work, I received a call from the seller. The person on the other side, a wise old guy inquired if I was happy with the order. I should have received the message. But I was already seeing myself running the half marathon in my new track suit. I told him I would revert without bothering to ask his name.

Dreaming of the slimmer, beautiful me flaunting my new avatar, I couldn't wait to get home. Once home, I quickly ripped through the shining packaging, the lowers looked as amazing as online, same colour, good cloth! Wow! I was so proud of me having for once, listened to my husband. But all my excitement vanished in thin air when the track pant felt tight on the thighs and the T-shirt on the chest! Uff, and I thought I had lost weight! Why on earth do people start exaggerating the moment u lose a bit (and only A bit) weight.

To be honest, more than the above reason, I was bugged at the thought of my husband saying “I told u buy a bigger size”. He said it, though the tears rolling down my cheeks immediately turned the tables as he said “u just need to reduce a bit (uff, a BIT again) to fit into this!” The girl inside me had still won!

Despite the triumph, I have learnt few very important things today –
Lalach buree balaa hai!
Listen to the mind, not the heart
Girls can be super impulsive
And finally…
Never to shop online for clothes!

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