Friday, 11 April 2014

My New Love / Mon nouvel amour

Life is a constant journey of learning. We learn, we evolve and we learn some more...

It has been few months since Mr. Hubby and I have been taking French lessons. What started as a mere hobby has now transformed into a passion. Also, we have discovered a rather new and romantic way of communication. It’s a pleasure to the tongue when words in French roll out of our mouths and friends and relatives regard in appreciation, often amused by our newly acquired skill.

The journey so far has been far from easy – taking time out of our busy schedules, sacrificing our precious weekend getaways, going back to the classroom, answering a swarm of questions from friends and relatives (why do u people have this endless craving to learn something new?), and most importantly, facing the exams…we have braved it all…and all I can say, so far it has been a soul enriching experience.

Well, more about the journey later. For today, I want to extend my French affair to my blog. I discovered a new passion when I began blogging and today, my knowledge of French has given new wings to my blog-experience.

 It’s time to spread the wings and take a flight…and connect with friends of a new language and various cultures…

I introduce the new tab on my blog –

Je t’aime

Je t’aime means I love you. When I closed my eyes and thought about my love for French, these are the only words my heart shouted; for its not just the language I have fallen in love with….various hues of the culture have also charmed me. So, on this tab, I intend to write in French, about French and for my friends who share my passion for French language….

Happy Reading…J

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  1. Congrats on your new found love. :)
    It is always good to keep on learning something new.

  2. I too want to learn French but have to find time to fit it in my schedule :( Glad you found it :)

  3. ah i always waned to learn that language but till now it is still a dream.. happy falling in love with French.. :)

  4. wow congrats on your new passion !


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