Thursday, 3 July 2014

So i finally buy an umbrella!

I have never been fond of umbrellas. Right from school days, umbrellas have been nothing but a burden in hands. I mean we just have two hands and holding an umbrella amounts to losing 50% of holding capacity!

So in Delhi I avoided carrying an umbrella. Whenever it would rain I would take an auto or do some emotional blackmailing until someone from the family would drop me. Umbrellas drying in the office corridor were somehow considered tacky by most of the lot. The mantra was...better to wait at the metro station for  15 minutes than bearing the burden of an umbrella. How I often felt jealous of the princesses who had a servant to carry their umbrellas!

Alas, the princess has come to Mumbai...and one can only look at rains and say"atithi tum kab jaogey?" He he...

Here, the rains rule the game. But I too wasn't willing to go for an easy surrender. For 2 days i tried managing without an umbrella thinking its not raining heavily and I can manage. The result, by the time I reach office, i am half wet, the sandals get irritating squeaky, my hair have got a new frizzy look and most importantly my specs refuse to work...wish they had wipers! Seeing my state, the office guard can't help but give a warm smile to make me feel better :-)

Throughout the day I was consoling myself the rains would stop when its time to go home. But in Mumbai, rains rule the game. By the time I boarded the taxi, I was wet & irritated in rain. Even the taxi guy looked at me in pity and said " madam umbrella bhool gaya"

So this evening my frizzy hair forced me to visit an umbrella shop. Now in Mumbai I see people buying raincoats and umbrellas like we buy bread in Delhi every morning. By the time v chose one umbrella, the guy had already sold ten! I finally settled for a blue umbrella after been thoroughly confused by the wide variety of a thing as simple as an umbrella which v dilliwallas use more when walking in sun!

The raincoats that are limited to bachcha party in Delhi r a style statement, college students, people driving two wheelers, aunties driving scooties, even the traffic police guys, all happily don their raincoats. U will get raincoats of every shape, size and style here.

After all, when the rains don't stop, y should we?

Its began to rain again...lemme go out and inaugurate my blue umbrella!


  1. I am really enjoying your Mumbai posts Shaivi...hope you are having as much fun too! :)

  2. remind me of my college days, raincoat here too. jet black

  3. Remember that when u buy an umbrella in Mumbai it shouldn't be a fashion a sturdy one because one strong wind and the umbrella turns ulta :D

  4. Haha yeah we Mumbaikars are very fond of umbrellas during Monsoon more than Summer, and now you know why. :D

  5. Hey...even i don't like umbrella's, but ya..please send some rains to Delhi..
    Nisha(btw...commenting for first visit my blog)

  6. Some people tend to lose their umbrellas now and then... hope you're free from that ailment :-P

  7. I have been cross with many things and talked about umbrella too. And because I follow you saw that u have written too on an umbrella. Went through yours. Smiled through but can't say if u will be able to smile through mine. But hey I took pictures...they are mine and perhaps what you will see you will like.


  8. Madam umbrella mat bhoolna ab.. Mumbai rains need umbrellas and crocs too..

  9. Heard of Mumbai monsoon. You should visit Chennai.. you'll start using umbrella during summer to avoid the sun too. :)


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