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Book review – Fall Like A Rose Petal

Author – Avis Viswanathan
Publisher – Westland Ltd
Genre –Self Help
Pages – 290
Price – Rs.350

Sneak from the cover
In early 2008, the author Avis Viswanathan and Vaani – his soul mate, friend, wife and business partner were staring at bankruptcy of their firm. A series of business decisions had literally brought them to the brink of penury. This book is their story. It captures learnings from this excruciatingly painful, life changing phase that they are still going through.

The Cover
A minimalistic cover which straightway draws your attention to the title and a beautiful rose petal that sits pretty. The never say die spirit of the author almost started influencing me from the cover page itself. When there is no option but to fall, then fall like a rose and enjoy every phase!

My View
Change is the only thing constant in life. While crests and troughs are life’s buddies which come calling every now and then, there are very few human beings who welcome each situation with a smile. Our author Avis is one such man of steel.

Imagine this – bankruptcy knocking at the door, umpteen bills and staff salaries to be paid, two kids still pursuing their studies, no backup/family fortune to fall back on….such a situation is good enough to drive anyone to extreme measures.

However, Avis decides to turn this weakness into opportunity. Not only does he keep his cool and deals with each situation wisely, he also foresees an opportunity to share his lessons in life with his children through this book.

Now, its not uncommon for people to emerge heroes out of tough situation, but I was left amazed how one could use these situations to show the guiding light to future generations. How many people would actually have the presence of mind to even act wisely, leave apart leaving a message for their kids!

The book takes us through a long and painful journey Avis and his Vaani were forced to undertake. Avis shares each and every detail as if he is sitting in front of you and telling a story. There are moments in the book when you feel like crying, while at many occasions you just feel like giving him a standing ovation.

While the genre is self help, the book doesn’t sound preachy, nor does it have the “change your life in a week” type message. Instead, it just underscores the wisdom every parent gives us, albeit with real life tested situations. The author, it seems shares a friendly bond with his children and so, never makes an attempt to conceal any detail which might show him weak. Every father is a hero to his kids, but to admit the mistakes and reveal the hardships warrants a lot of guts.

Read the book to get a new perspective towards life. Life may not be always rosy but by learning to face the situation with a smile, we can surely make the journey a lot easier.

What I loved about the book
The familiarity the author has managed to create with the audience. After a few pages, you too feel family and it seems like a live conversation full of real life wisdom. There are references to many inspirational quotes; I’m sure not only the author’s children, but anybody who reads will benefit.

What could have been better
There is way too much detailing at some instances, for instance detailed description of many people who have been saviors to the author. Leaves you uninterested in them and flip over to the next page.

My rating

About the Author
AVIS Viswanathan (47) is a happiness curator, Life Coach, inspired speaker, author and organizational transformation consultant who leads change management, culture and leadership development mandates in the corporate sector globally.

This review is written for WritersMelon. The views are strictly my own and under no influence.

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