Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Bhopal - A Prayer for Rain

30 years gone in vain
Still fresh is their pain
The memories of that unfortunate night
Brings on their face horror n fright
After effects haunt even today
Why have the culprits been let away?

These were the thoughts that immediately struck my mind as I walked out of the theatre after watching the special preview of the movie Bhopal - A prayer for the rain. The incident is very special to me, since it occurred the same year I was born. My dad tells me the next morning, the whole nation woke up to grief and mourning. The number of casualties was rising every hour. Seeing the images of those who suffered, many weren't able to take a single morsel down their throat. My heart bleeds when I think about the plight of the people who suffered that unfortunate night. We Indians respect and worship our jobs as 'anndaata'. So did those people, not knowing that their very own anndaata would not only take their life, but also haunt the generations to come with their sins.

The unfateful night of December 2-3, 1984, when many people embraced sleep to wake up to a new day, one act of negligence made it the last night of their life. Many might have weaved hopes of new beginnings on a new day, when they would go to their work and earn a better livelihood.
But the leak of poisonous gas from the Union Carbide MIC plant poisoned their dreams to death.

Media and the film industry have touched upon this topic many a times. Several documentaries have been made highlighting the legal and political aspects. But, what about the emotional trauma faced by the people who lived that torture that very night?

Last Sunday, me along with team of bloggers were invited by Indiblogger and Rising Star entertainment for a special preview screening of the movie. Having seen umpteen number of documentaries on this subject, I was not hoping for any new aspect that would enlighten me. However, by the end of the movie, I was sobbing my hearts out for the unfortunate ones who suffered at the hands of Union carbide.

The film portrays the event from the eyes of the very people who lived it. Dilip (Rajpal Yadav), a poor rickshaw puller is the protagonist. Like many others around him, he too struggles with poverty, hunger and family responsibilities. The only hope of a better life and escape from hunger is Union Carbide, a multinational company that had set up its MIC pestcide plant in the vicinity. Dilip and others aspire to work with Union Carbide, as they see others wearing their uniforms and earning for their family's happiness. Everyday, many men waited outside the Union Carbide office in the hope of becoming a Carbider one day. What they didnt know was that behind the glitz and glamour of being a Carbider, there was 40 tonnes of poison waiting to annihilate everything around.

While the dirty game of capitalists and selfish political interests continued, innocent people suffered to the hands of negligence. 

Rajpal Yadav as Dilip, does complete justice to the role. Tanishtha Chatterjee plays the supporting wife who can do anything to support her husband.

While i had gone with no expectations, by the end of the movie, I had tears of empathy and I felt like one of the victims.

We all know what happened that night, but the movie is a must watch to know how people actually felt that night.

Bhopal - A Prayer For Rain releases on December 5th.

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