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Books I read in 2015

If there’s someone who’s company can never put you off, it is undoubtedly books. Awesome weather, a cup of ginger tea and a lovely book in hand make for a perfect afternoon date with self that I often pamper myself to. 2015 was a very different year though. I spent half of the year being pregnant. In between mood swings, morning sickness, office deadlines and housework, as energy levels dipped, reading too didn’t get the due time it should have got. I used to always think of the books I would read when I would be expecting, and had even made few reading wish lists. But what a boring life if everything goes as planned! I discovered parenting blogs and apps which they gave me access to a wide variety of information in much lesser time.

Time check – 2 hours to go for IndiSpire topic to close! I just can't afford to miss writing about the books I so very enjoyed reading and sneaked out time for. Focus!

So, without wasting time, here are the few books I read in 2015. The best part though about 2015 has been that I have been able to review ALL the books I read.

1.   He Fixed the Match, She fixed Him –
2015 began with romance. This is Shikha’s debut and she did a pretty good job at that. A Cinderella love story and a fairytale wedding that transforms into a nightmare, as quickly as it had blossomed! But then, how can a love story end on a revengeful note! Grab the book if you love RomComs and savor every page as if you are reading a story. 

2.   My Clingy Girlfriend –
Relationships are like butterflies, hold them tight and they suffocate to death; but give them space and see the beauty of their colors. That’s the very essence of this hilarious book that brings laughter, sympathy, humor, anger all at the same time. My Clingy girlfriend is a funny sad tale of a Bengali boy who is stuck between an over possessive girlfriend, office politics, useless friends and umpteen desires. At one point, it seems like a no escape situation for Obro. Grab the book to know whether he finally manages to get rid of the problems in his life and also, to read some very funny How To’s. A very interesting book penned by a woman, narrated from a man’s perspective.
Read the complete review here – Book Review – My ClingyGirlfriend 

3.  Mandate : Will of The People –
Does politics interest you, but not the biased approach of most authors and media persons? If so, The Mandate is the book I would recommend. Mandate is simply a tale of Indian politics from 1970s to the early 2000s, sans views, opinions or unnecessary gyaan about its impact. And that’s the very beauty of this book. It’s a ready key to knowing the people, events and forces that contributed to the creation of the country we live in today. Since the book isn’t verbose or boring, it’s served best when enjoyed at a leisurely pace. As one progresses chapter by chapter, one comes across some very surprising facts about Indian politics that most of our generation wouldn’t have much idea about. A must read.

4.   There’s Something About You –
This is not your typical boy-meets-girl book. Okay, they do meet, but there are some complications. That’s the essence of this romantic comedy by Yashodhara Lal. The book sails through on Yash’s ability to create characters and situations readers can totally relate to. Grab the book for a rather unusual account of the Boy-meet-girl story. TSAU will make you laugh, cry and think a lot about the uncertain thing called life and relationships.    

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5.   Bhima – The Man In The Shadows –
We all know Pandavas as the perfect humans, Bhima being the perfect, sincere son, husband, father and brother. But he was after all a human! Having best of men as brothers and conflicting love interest can prove to be a tough situation even for toughest of men. And so, our macho hero too, felt like a man in shadows. The book tries to capture an aspect of Mahabharat that no one has attempted to touch upon before – Mahabharat from Bhima’s perspective. It is a herculean task to capture all the important aspects of a story like Mahabharat, but the author’s attempt is commendable.

6.   The Bestseller She Wrote –
The year ended on this awesome book that kept me hooked on! Ravi Subramanian’s books have always been treat reads. I had thoroughly enjoyed reviewing his last book, God is a GamerSo, when I came to know he is foraying into the genre of romance, it was a pleasant surprise!  When it comes to romance, Indian writers usually fall prey to predictable storylines and I wondered how different Ravi’s book would be. However, having read the book, I can confidently say that not only has he successfully penned a bestseller, but has integrated his signature style of thrill and suspense into romance!

2015 has been a year of fiction. Hope to read a lot more of that and dive into many more genres in 2016! Happy New Year!

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  1. Those are some great titles... :-)
    Good luck with your 2016 reading list dearie :-)

    Cheers, Archana -

  2. Good mix of genres you read in 2015, Shaivi. For me 2015 was more about abandoning books mid-way.


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