Saturday, 16 January 2016

How to make a simple Good Morning, A Gold Morning

Mornings have something magical about them. No matter how low you might have felt the day before, morning is bound to bring freshness and positivity. They have the power to connect self with the inner self; the perfect time for meditation. No wonder you will find students waking up early mornings and study topics they find otherwise tough to comprehend. Fitness enthusiasts too find mornings the perfect time to rejuvenate the body and mind.

Until recently, I wasn’t a morning person. I loved staying late till nights and enjoying my solace. Subsequently, mornings were limited to waking up with a start and managing to get ready for school or college just in time.

I discovered the power of mornings few years ago when I went for a residential MBA. While our schedule was super hectic with us racing against submission deadlines, there were few who managed to keep their cool. There is more to life than just a good CGPA, and these people very well knew this. They spent early mornings to think about themselves, count their blessings, plan for the day ahead and take a step a day towards a healthy body and mind. It is always good to imbibe good things observed and that’s exactly what I did. The view of rising sun in the hills from my window just acted as a motivator.

With time and changing circumstances, I too developed my own way of utilizing the morning time effectively. Here’s how I learnt to turn a simple morning into a gold morning

1.   An early start with warm water
Waking up early and having a glass of warm water with lemon juice and honey is an excellent way to save the body of the toxin abuse throughout the day. It also ensures a good bowel movement and everyone knows the good it does to your skin!

2.   Half an hour tete a tete with fitness
We might be full of excuses to escape the fitness routine, but half an hour is something each one of us can take out for a healthier us. Go out in nature and look at the rising sun. Listening to the message of nature can give such a feel good factor!

Just looking at the sunrays brightening the sky and birds chirping bring such positivity! Don’t walk with weight loss in mind. Walk at a comfortable pace and take each step as a step towards positivity. Trust me, you will be able to walk a lot more than you do otherwise and enjoy each step

3.   The tea time is an excellent Me time
We often rush into tea time or club it with newspaper. The next time, brew a nice aromatic tea and sit in peace, savouring each sip. Focus on the aroma and the freshness it infuses. Make the tea time a Me time, when you can plan things for the day and make small note.

4.   Brush off the negativity
For most of us, brushing teeth is something often done in a hurry. The next time, you brush your teeth, think of it as cleansing time. With each stroke, you ward off the germs, negativity and lethargy and you will enjoy the brushing experience! The final cleanse takes away all germs and brings about a sense of freshness, just like the fresh morning. Use a good toothbrush that gives soft but thorough cleaning. 

The new Colgate 3600 Charcoal Gold Toothbrush is an excellent choice to begin your mornings with, for it effectively cleans teeth, tongue, cheeks and gums. 100% antigerm bristles fight germ growth on your brush for upto 90 days. The Charcoal infused slim tip bristles clean and remove stains. With 17 times slimmer tip bristles, Colgate3600 CharcoalGold Toothbrush reaches deeper in between teeth and along the gumline.

So, tomorrow morning, don’t just wake up. Wake up to a Gold Morning! with #Colgate360GoldMornings.

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  1. I do the last, and so want to add first three in my schedule. I am far far away from a good morning.

    And, I want to try this brush. Looks fancy and my MIL says it has super soft bristles.


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