Sunday, 19 June 2016

His first Father's Day!

Mr. Hubby is a father now. With the status upgrade has come a lot of change and I am relishing every bit of it. I am getting to see the soft side of the tough guy I have know for seven years. Earlier, it was me who was the delicate darling, acknowledging every small hit, fall and collision with the furniture with ouch and a crying face; while Mr. Hubby would ask me to be careful, then frown and ask if I hurt myself. No coochy coochy sympathies. Just practical solutions. 

One instance can change your life. For men, it is fatherhood that brings a big change in them. The same tough guy now can't even tolerate the slightest discomfort to his cub. This morning, when little S was playing on the floor, he rolled over and banged his head against the floor. It wasn't as big an issue as the decibel levels made it sound. However, what surprised me was the protective daddy dearest dashing to hold his cub and going " babyyyy" My repeated reminders that it was a small hit fell on deaf ears as Mr. Hubby asserted I get the ice pack. "But we should be brave and make the baby rough and tough" I said and was immediately told "But he is so delicate". By this time the li'l one too realised that I was being the roadblock in his pampering and his howls became louder. The practical mom had lost the morning battle against the father-son bonding. However, she was enjoying witnessing every bit of it!

With my inbox flooding with father's day offers, I too got motivated to make Father's Day special. But, with a serious practical types hubby and a 1 year old, I hardly had options. One thing I was very sure of. I wanted to gift something which the li'l one was a part of, which meant no fancy gifts money can buy. 

And I didn't have to struggle for ideas.

While both Mr. Hubby and I had been eager to hear little S say mumma and papa, the li'l one proved to be a mamma's boy, as he said "Ammaaa". Yes, Amma. Do you expect a one year old to pronounce mom? Well, I don't. So, Ammaaaa these days is the most melodious music to my ears. Not to miss that he is officially declared as my carbon copy! 

Unlike most couples who make the first word a prestige issue, both of us were very cool with it. Each time little S goes "Ammaaaaa", Mr. Hubby too starts teasing me as Amma and I go all blushing. Though he never says, I know how good Mr. Hubby would feel upon hearing "pa-pa"! And I had an idea.

What if the li'l one says "Papa" by this Father's Day? Wow! This would be the best Father's Day gift!

The problem with being an ex-corporate trainer is, that you can think you can even train a horse to dance, or atleast you may try. After all, as per me, the law of repetition could do anything!

So since last week, whenever little S and I would be alone, I would go "Pa-Pa, Papapapapapapapa" and look at my son's face in anticipation, waiting for a miracle. Instead all I would hear from him would be a burst of laughter. 

I dunno what it is in the simple word that the little one finds so funny! However, I was not willing to give up. Calling the AV aid to my rescue, I logged on to Youtube for help and found this video

However, the little one was in no mood to budge. The video had the same effect. When I told my mom in law, she said "How can you train the kids of 4G generation, who do everything their way? Even the kid is finding your attempts silly and laughing on them"

After a week of failed attempts, the baby gave me my lessons -

  • Parenting is NOT easy
  • The 4G generation kids cannot be told what to do, instead they will call the shots
  • It is silly to use corporate tricks at home

And most importantly,

Never underestimate the power of father son bonding! Yes, this afternoon, I realised I didn't have to use my brain so much. In fact, I think I should just be the mom and let the father son be. 

Did the father get a Father's Day gift? Of course, he did, albeit my son's way - Precious moments of bonding as the father son duo hugged and enjoyed their afternoon siesta together!

Happy Father's Day!


  1. Yes, a man changes when he becomes father. Lovely post and cute video. Thanks for sharing.

  2. So you had a great day, in a way ☺️

    Happy to read the story - a cute one, with a learning too.

  3. hahaha.. i can relate to your post!!! well written and cute video..

  4. Such a sweet post to read, Shaivi. When the baby arrives in a family it changes everything...almost.

  5. such a cute post, happy fathers day to him :)

  6. Hi Shaivi, You really succeeded in making his 1st father's day ... the Happiest. I am sure, your Papa... Papa... Papa has been stored in RAM , and would POP out soon to Papa's delight.


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