Monday, 26 November 2012

Silly Point

I have shared my blog with a few friends and listening to their reviews, I feel on the top of the world! Thanks all of u for your encouragement! Thanks to your encouragement, I am confident that regardless of whatever CGPA I fall into, I will surely do something good in life.

Well, now a serious problem I want to share with you all. Unknowingly, I have become a blogaddict. Sounds cool but I feel like a fool. I have a monstrous exam tomorrow and while others are busy practicing, the blogger in me has overpowered the studios me. Blog addiction is worse than any other addiction. Coz when u feel the urge, u have to satisfy it there and then. And your creative mind can have the “Eureka” moment anywhere – in the middle of the lecture, on the road,in the metro, at a social gathering,  in the washroom or even in the middle of the night. If not addressed at that moment, the idea vanishes, leaving behind heaps of regrets. Reminds me of my amateur poetry days. The peom had to be penned down the moment it was thought!

Since stress brings the best out of me, I have given in to my Eureka moment. And I have convinced myself to rush to preparation the minute I upload this (result will be the same anyway, so might as well give myself a few moments of joy).

Today’s blog is dedicated to a very special member of my project group thanks to whom, I have spent 2 precious hours of my preparation time completing something that was HIS responsibility. As I dug deep into the error full work he had done, I almost reached my boiling point. And he simply made a cute face and told me, “This is a group effort. Please complete it. You can vent out your frustration later via your blog!” All through the process, instead of taking onus, he has been simply doing status checks & motivating us that he trusts our capability. To top it all, when I was taking notes in the class, he asked me to compile everything and mail him a ready reckoner! Wow!

Whoever said diversity enriches the group should come now and take tomorrow's exam on my behalf. And as for the group member, on an optimistic note, I’m glad he atleast made an effort (though an effort full of errors). But then, in the words of all the bosses in this world, that’s what people management is all about! 

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