Friday, 23 November 2012

What to do in a boring lecture


I am sitting in a boring lecture. I usually am a 100% attendance person and try my best to be attentive but this particular class is as torturous for the students as it is for the professor. I look at him…words flow like a rap, you can just feel the bass without making sense out of the song!

Since time is as judicious as the non renewable sources of energy, I thought why not spend this 1 hour doing something I like! Lets blog! So I began thinking what all can be done and in the process traveled from my school days to college, to office training sessions & MBA days. 

Today’s blog is dedicated to all the wonderful things you can do while stuck in a boring lecture. I call it captive creativity! Here’s a list of options - 

  1. Surf net on your phone.
  2. Update your friend about the latest gossips.
  3. Finish off the Tiffin (did that so much in my 12th standard physics lectures)
  4. Play game on the phone (mute mode!)
  5. Plan for the day ahead
  6. Sit on the back bench and complete assignment of any other subject (pretending you are religiously taking notes)
  7. Catch up on sleep
  8. Plan for the blog (for a blogaholic like me!)
  9. Watch cricket match live on your laptop
  10. Draw a cartoon of the professor
  11. Read newspaper (mostly applicable for MBA finance students)
  12. Practice arithmetic – count no. of seconds left for the class to finish
  13. Concentrate on professor (only if good looking, if guy. If lady professor, note the clothes, jewellery, makeup, hair and all that girlie stuff) and gossip about it
  14. Organize eyes wide open sleeping tournaments
  15. File nails
  16. Practice maths - Calculate probability of good food in the mess (if a foodie like me)
  17. Plan what to cook for evening and inventory situation inside refrigerator (if u r married…used to do that in my evening French classes)
  18. Practice maths – count number of lectures to attend to qualify for minimum mandatory attendance requirement
This isn’t an exhaustive list. Please feel free to contribute for the benefit of anyone who in future may refer to this blog to explore options while stuck with a boring, buzzing professor.
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  1. i followed no 7 and 12 religiously when i was a student. also i used to jump out through the window (which was at the rear end of the classroom) after attendance.

    absolutely loved reading this post :)


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