Sunday, 23 December 2012

Wake Up

Last week I was to make a presentation on Argentina Peso crisis. The more I read about it, the more I thanked God I am born in India. I was glad that unlike the super corrupt system of Argentina, where everybody from corporate to government was abusing people’s interests, we have RBI that make sure the finance ministry always doesn’t have its way. I was glad I was not born in Europe, where every second country is suffocating with debt & gasping for bailouts. I was glad I was not born in a country where Malala was shot for exercising her right to education. I was glad I was not born in a country where Bibi Aisha’s nose was chopped off for escaping an abusive marriage.

The night of Sunday, December 16, 2012 proved me wrong…

In my own city that I am so proud of (read my blog label: Dilli Meri Jaan), a 23 year old was brutally gangraped. Her ordeal didn’t end there. She was so badly abused that she suffered permanent damage to her small intestine. Even if she survives, she would never be able to enjoy a normal meal like us since her intestine has been removed. What was her fault? That she was a girl & the assaulters thought they were men enough to teach her a lesson this way. Few dirty fish contaminate the entire pond. Unfortunately, here, the fish are “many”. If you think rape & lewd comments are the only abuses we women need to watch out for, take a second thought. 

Born and brought up in Delhi, I have seen rampant eve teasing since childhood. Be it the “acting fresh” in public transport or passing lewd comments. Sometimes it’s a passive torture. Mere hungry looks suffice for a “visual rape” even if from a distance. Since this isn’t confined to a particular area or a particular set of people, girls are taught to be careful, take precautions, come back home timely & take a male along if out in late hours. But that’s what the hapless girl did on that unfortunate night. She was in a public transport, with a male friend and 9pm isn’t that odd a time for a city that parties all night.

Much has been said and done about the issue. The agitating crowds at Rajpath shouting “we want justice”, government’s futile attempts to suppress the uprising, the press conferences, the lathicharge, a press conference and again a lathicharge.

From the ill fated night to today’s lathicharge, it is the common junta who’s suffering. The other day a minister was heard empathizing with the people saying he too has 3 daughters. How many times have they travelled in a public transport without security?

Delhi is said be “dilwaalon ki dilli”. Be it Anna, baba ramdev or any other movement, the people have always come out in support, undeterred by lathicharge. Why isn’t it payback time now. Instead of just issuing emotional statements, why can’t the celebs and leaders come out with the people in the cold and contribute to the non violent movement?  I’m sure, the police would think twice before raising their lathi on a celeb…

Me wonderzzzz….


  1. why would celebrities or politicians or activists like anna will join serious protests.all these guys are selfish and opportunists who look for fame with favours from ruling government.

    if you want to stop atrocities on women,these protests or laws won't help you on long run cuz we can't change mind-sets of police and uneducated labour change things we have to start educating people by defining culture and bringing clarity on our superstitious customs and traditions.when we do this ,again people and politicians will oppose you for hurting their religious sentiments and beliefs.
    its like we can't teach good things to bad guys.there is a ancient indian saying "the attitude you got by birth will perish only with firewood during funeral."

    i have a question for girls ,why are n't you honest with your parents? most of girls never tell their relationship with a boy or about their boyfriend to their parents.they keep roaming with their boyfriends without informing their parents.we need not tell each activity but we should give details of person with whom you are roaming.i had two ex-gfs,one was high court judge daughter and another congress MP niece,they used to lie to their mothers whenever they came out with me.i told them to be frank with their parents but they din't change.i quoted real life example just to demonstrate girls behavior though they are educated.parents don't have clue even if the unknown boyfriend does something to their girl.if you want to follow western culture,be open like the americans and don't mask it with indian hypocrisy.

    i want to write more but things are not going to change.its unending cuz we can't make people to be ethical or true,it comes with blood.

  2. @Rohan...While I completely agre with you on changing the mindset of people, I have a different take on the second half. True, being honest about one's whereabouts with parents prevents mishaps. However, the whole issue here is how safe are Delhi women on streets. How safe is it to move about even if you are/aren't accompanied by a male...
    Tomorrow's Chrismas & I was wondering what would a Delhi girl ask Santa. Here's something I wrote...

  3. IMO it's hard to change mindset of people who think with their penis. Draconean laws (with an option of court-sanctioned chemical castration) and self-defence weapons like compact pepper sprays and tazers?

  4. The reforms should start at the cradle--bringing up both genders equally!


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