Monday, 24 December 2012

Letter to Santa from a Delhi girl…

Dear Santa,

Welcome once again! I have been waiting for you eagerly & my new red stockings are ready too, waiting for their treat. Thanks so much Santa for the new stilettos last year. They were a rage at the parties! It was fun to flaunt them as other gals felt J.

But this year, I don’t want any boots. I don’t even know if I will be ever able to party freely the way I used to. You wanna know why?

A few days ago, a girl in my city was gang raped brutally by men while she was on her way home after watching a movie. She was in a bus at 9pm (well before our parties begin!), was clad decent enough & was accompanied by a male friend when this happened.

This incident has shaken the city so much. My parents have set a 8pm deadline to come back. No late nights. Combined studies mean having to wrap up before dark else stay over at friend’s house where my brother will pick me up from. No shorts. No short skirts. I feel I am in a jail! Mother tells me it’s all to protect me. The city has become very unsafe & they don’t want me to face any trouble.

But Santa, why do I and my female friends face the brunt of a handful of maniacs? It is about the problem of a few men with a psychotic brains and lustful eyes. It is they who should be leashed, not us. If dogs go mad, they are locked, not the people. Unfortunately, here, there are just too many of them (the dogs aka rapists) and by the time you know they have a problem, they have already attacked innocent girls.

I don’t want fancy gifts this year Santa…RATHER…

I want my freedom back. What is the point of having good clothes & shoes when I can’t party? What is the point of living in a happening city when I can’t enjoy the night life? I want the freedom to live my life MY WAY. I want the freedom to wear whatever I like without the dogs staring at me with hungry looks. I want my parents to be relaxed the next time I take public transport at night. I want my government to act to the concerns of millions of girl like me. In the freezing cold this morning, canons of water were fired at my friends who went to India Gate today to participate in non violent protests. Santa, I want the government to work on the rape laws & accused instead of troubling innocent people. I don’t want the accused to walk away with the loopholes in our judiciary system. I want severe punishment for the accused so that next time such men think twice before striking at a girl. Santa, I want justice for that girl – an eye for an eye.

And finally Santa, I want a speedy recovery for that girl & strength for her family. She has endured enough and so have we – the girls of Delhi.

Donno Santa if all this will fit the red stockings, but I know you have never disappointed me…I shall be waiting….

Merry Christmas!


  1. well shaivi,i think its wrong to ask santa or anyone to bring peace or protect us.when people tried to humiliate or hurt me,i told people "AM MADE OF MORE SOUL THAN BODY" and nothing hurts me as long as i breath.this is for people who are concerned if someone tries to outrage their modesty.hehehe though am a guy,soul don't have gender.

    don't expect someone to change your surroundings, instead act wisely according to situation in your city.we can't bring nazi like dictatorship in delhi or india to change things.

    santa looks good in movies and fantasy,its just to bring innocence and nature of true human.last night i saw one of best movies 'RISE OF THE GUARDIANS',santa asks jack frost,what's centre of you? and he gives a santa toy which has layers of santa personalities,jack frost finds the last layer deep inside as kid santa.we can't do this in real life with people around you ,so adapt to situation.

    my writings are more plain speaking and lil bit harsh cuz thats the way i live.if we don't accept facts,we can't pursue solution that brings us happiness and peace of mind.

    happy xmas and new year,well am not getting personal.hmm thats it.

    1. That's a very sensible comment. gr8.

    2. @Rohan - while i am old enuf to realise nothing happens by asking to santa, what hav the people achieved by even protesting against the issue? the poor girl has succumed to her injuries whereas the accused are still alive, breathing, eating in tihar. The whole idea of me writing this blog was usually during Christmas, ppl pray to God for certain things. Being a girl, if someone were to ask me what I wanted this Christmas, this is what I would say. Of course, asking/praying doesnt mean we are "Ablaa naris"(helpless women) who just depend on prayers. We are bold enough to tackle any situation, perhaps the rreason wy that girl fought boldly till the end. A change wont come overnight in mentality of men who indulge in such acts;nor the law which is full of loopholes. If someone tries to outrage a girl's modesty, no philosophy would come to her mind. 1st she would try to act in her defense & if nothing works, then naturally, the last resort would be to pray.
      Happy New Year to u as well & thanks for putting thought on this...

  2. Ugh... To hell with this ^ guy.
    He has no idea what being forced to 'adapt' to that kind of situation is. Expecting basic courtesy and respect has nothing to do with adapting.

    Keep fighting for a better, fairer world. This bitter world is unfair: you shouldn't have to fight for gender equality in the first place... but I hope you find the strength to make your wish come true! If not for yourself, then for future generations of women.

    I wish all the best for you and your mother, aunts and sisters.

    - Anonymous, from Canada.

    1. Hi,

      Thanks for visiting my blog. The fight goes on even though the girl has passed away. The police has converted Delhi almost into a fortress as the death of the girl has outraged the people. This is not just another protest. It has become a movement for a change in the mindset of people and a better, safer Delhi for women.

  3. women need to reach out to women and educate them and get them jobs and in the process uplift their thinking , this will break the stranglehold of politicians who think only in terms of votes. only then will your wishes come true... one needs to speak in the language of the government for them to understand.

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