Saturday, 25 April 2015

Is weekend really all that fun?

Friday evening witnessed me in super excited mode…I looked elated like a kid whose parents are about to take her to Disneyland. But I am a simple girl with simple wishes; after a week of slogging at work, the idea of 2 days off to my lazy self was enough to bring a smile on my face. Hey, everybody feels that way, then why am I saying this on my blog?

Because fact is, weekend life too, like a coin has 2 sides…

Wanting to laze in my bed till 10 on a Saturday morning, I was engrossed in my dreams when the alarm spoiled my plans. “Uff, what’s this?” I grumbled in my sleep, when Mr. Hubby reminded me he had to go for a meeting today. Being a typical Indian wife, I wouldn’t have liked the idea of being in bed till 10 while Mr. Hubby got ready and moved about his own business. “Once I send him to work, I will catch up on my sleep!” I consoled myself and proceeded towards bed tea and newspaper.

Newspaper is always a cut short business on weekdays however; even today my eyes were on the wall clock. Soon, newspaper too, was added to the “do it later” list and I was off to the kitchen.

Once, Mr. Hubby had left for work, I realized sleep had vanished. Just when I held my beloved newspaper in my arms, mom in law rattled off her wish list, “Today we are free, let’s do x, y, z….” and gave me a long list from laundry to grocery shopping, dusting, etc. “But I am not free, I am busy! It’s my hard earned off and I need to laze around, chill, blog and just pamper myself!” Now, any mom in law would have frowned at this, but not mine. She simply smiled and reminded me of a word called “responsibility”. “Why can’t we live in a service apartment?” I rebelled like a cranky kid.

I wondered, was life all cool before marriage and responsibilities? Perhaps no, weekends were all about pedicures, manicures, hair spa, changing nail paint, planning wardrobe for the upcoming week etc etc.

Every weekend, we try to fight the pile of “to do” list for the “me time” and before we are nowhere close to satisfaction, the weekend winks and bids adieu, leaving us at the mercy of merciless weekdays. As if that’s not enough, there is a section of people, whose favourite habit is asking people on Monday mornings, “so what special did you do this weekend?” Now, one doesn’t go mall hopping, shopping or movie watching every weekend. I have seen people under such pressure to avoid being termed uncool that even if they have spent a quiet and relaxing weekend at home, they save themselves by saying, “we went out for family dinner to XYZ yoyo restaurant” even if I spotted them getting Dosa packed from the neighbourhood Dosa kiosk!

What then is the idea of a perfect weekend?

Perhaps it’s all about taking the day it comes. One may plan a bit in advance for more fulfillment however, if things take a different route, just sit back and enjoy the beauty of serendipity!

What say you?

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