Tuesday, 5 May 2015

The cow that gorges on Cauliflower

On a trip to a Rajasthan village last year, I was surprised to see this cow happily munching Cauliflower! While we complain of veggie prices soaring high, this generosity by the farmer for his pet clearly shows how much things change between farms and retail shops.

And I always thought that fodder is a cow’s favourite meal!


  1. I hope they are insecticide free.
    Indeed a great capture!

  2. Sometimes its better to feed cattle than to sell to the greedy middle men who cheat farmers. Nice shot.

  3. That's very generous of him. Cows eat all kinds of green. Fodder is for munching.

  4. That's a nice thing coming from the farmer. In cities, generally cows depend on the polythene bags. So horrible.


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