Sunday, 21 June 2015

The Magic of Yoga

This morning, there was a strange air of enthusiasm at my place. Mr. Hubby & my MIL, who usually are glued to the newspaper and tea were up quite early and switched on the TV to witness International Yoga Day celebrations live from Rajpath. India has long been famous as the land of yoga. However, an initiative by our country being accepted worldwide has given us Indians another reason to feel proud. As Rajpath became Yogpath, the whole world witnessed the magical qualities Yoga has to offer.

My association with Yoga goes back to childhood. Fortunately, my father has been practising Yoga actively years before I was born. As a small kid, I remember waking up to witness Papa practising Yoga asanas in the garden. I would stand behind him, with eyes wide open as if witnessing a miracle and hoping if I too could join in. As I grew up, Papa would often make me do light Yoga during my holidays and weekends. More than a fitness regime, Yoga would be time for me to bond over with Papa and he would patiently explain me each asana, correct me whenever I went wrong and tell me stories of his experiences with Yoga to inspire me.

However, despite papa’s attempts, I was never able to be as active as him with my Yoga. Summer, winters or monsoons, Papa would never miss his 30 minutes of Yoga. Even if he had a morning train to catch, he would ensure to wake up early and finish his round of asanas, a habit he follows till date. I, on the other hand have always been ready with my excuses – early morning school, winters, summers, rains, exams, late night studies, I would always have an excuse. Papa always tells me once you become regular with Yoga, the body itself demands the daily dose just like food and water and one just gets addicted to it.

The one asana that always had me impressed was Sirsana. I used to see Papa stand on his head in the perfect Sirsana and wonder how he did it. Later I realised it wasn’t just me who was impressed. See this scene from the movie “Coolie” where Amitabh Bachchan tries his hand at Sirsana. My elder sister, a big fan of Mr. Bachchan was so inspired after seeing that movie that she challenged herself to do the perfect Sirsana and managed to perfect it within 3 days! I too managed to do it but only with the support of a wall. While I always saw it as a cool asana, later I learnt it is highly beneficial for increasing blood flow to brain, improving memory etc.

I became genuinely serious about Yoga after we moved to Mumbai. With our Sunday walks at Lodi Garden gone, we were looking forward to some healthy option. It was then that we discovered weekend Yoga classes near our place. I felt like the happy child in a playschool every time we went for these classes. We would look forward to learning new asanas in each class and then practise them at home. There were however, 2 things for which I loved my Yoga classes – the laughter sessions and the Yoga Nidra. Initially hesitant with the laughter sessions, I soon discovered their magical power of de stressing. Similarly, Yoga Nidra took us to levels of relaxation like nothing else. I soon saw myself practising Yoga Nidra whenever I had trouble sleeping or carried office stress home.

Recently I discovered another facet of Yoga. As an expecting mother, I joined a prenatal Yoga Camp and was pleasantly surprised how Pranayams and asanas can relax us during the later phase of pregnancy. Each time my mind gets into the worrying mode, I follow the Pranayam and breathing techniques I have learnt at the classes and am de stressed within minutes.

Yoga has become an inseparable part of my life now. Like every expecting mother, I too wonder how I will get back in shape post delivery. But, having read the success stories of many Bollywood stars who got back in shape post delivery purely basis yoga, I am inspired and confident I too shall be able to make it back in shape. I am looking forward to my Yoga classes with Mr. Hubby again and hope someday I am able to inculcate the habit of Yoga into my children the way my father has…

Wish you all a very happy Yoga Day!



  1. A happy yoga day to you as well Shaivi! My favorite asanas from the Yoga camp I recently joined are shavasana :-P and the pranayams :-) Well the emphasis on breathing in Yoga is too great...and i too have felt its effect after consciously imbibing the deep breathing exercise..... .and think about, it it is just a simple exercise one needs to just put it in practice.

  2. Yoga is immensely beneficial:)


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