Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Art for the passerby

I had no purpose to be there, but recently as I was on my way to Nehru Place, the art display at Kailash Colony metro station forced me to get down and savour them. I was hoping the commuters, amidst the train announcement; texting and phone calls would take a moment to appreciate the effort. However, it was only me who found them so refreshing that I kept on gazing at their beauty, bringing out the shutterbug in me. For a moment, girls busy with their mobile phones looked at me and wondered what was so special about them that kept me hooked on. I wanted to ask them where else in Delhi would they find such beautiful paintings on a metro station. None of the seemingly regulars I asked knew about who painted them, an NGO, an artist or the metro authorities. But I appreciate the brain work of the person who tried to enrich the mundane experience of the daily wait for metro.

The paintings, spread across fences of both platforms bear no signature, no details of the person who came up with the idea. Just as trees bear fruits & flowers without expecting any credit or appreciation in return, these set of 10 odd paintings, are there just to be relished.  Here are a few I captured with my 5MP mobile camera.

Meditation man

A man meditating amidst violet clouds instantly grabbed my attention. We crib about paucity of time for ourselves, the increasing stress in lives. And here was a man, who amidst clouds of pollution & the noisy metro station was looking inside himself, yet connecting with universal energies, on his path to enlightenment.

Colourful trees

It is said that looking at something colourful at frequent intervals relaxes the nerves & enhances efficiency & corporate are investing on paintings at workplace. These paintings of trees but in different hues, immediately transported me into a different world. The tree of life, with its vibrant colours. Life indeed is beautiful!

Notice the trash!

   Colours of universe, radiating energy!
     Mesmerized by these amazing paintings, I wondered that if our relatively green South Delhi can take such a wonderful initiative, why not other metro stations, especially in concrete jungle areas take a step ahead and beautify the routine metro experience. The next time you are on a violet line, take few minutes & relish the tastefully done station. Suggestions & comments  are welcome.

Mere rang mein bhang!




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