Saturday, 9 February 2013

Darjeeling – Down memory lane Part V (Final)

Darjeeling – Down memory lane - Part V (Final)

Day 5

It was our last day in Darjeeling & we had to catch flight in the evening. So we decided to take it easy. Boney’s had become our daily breakfast joint & the owner’s face always had a huge smile whenever we visited him. Not because we looked cute. The walk from hotel to Boney’s used to be beyond my capacity & he felt pity for me as he saw Hubby motivating me with pastas & pizza to reach the outlet!

We then decided to take a longish walk in the bazaar & I picked up some tea for relatives & friends. Lunch was at Glenary’s,  a famous eatery in Darjeeling. One didn't go there for food, but the location, ambiance  music & WiFi  actually the feel of the place made me feel as if I was in one of those amazing restaurants u have in London & Paris. One could just sit there for hours, an ideal place for a romantic date.

Since it was season of landslides, Hubby got tensed about reaching Bagdogra on time. On the way, as he & the driver discussed we didn't have much time, I secretly wished we got another day so that we could cover Sikkim as well. But the airline was more than supportive & the flight delay ensured we not only reached the airport on time but also had to wait at the stuffed up lounge for an hour.

When the plane took off, I felt like a kid whose summer vacations were coming to an end. I was going back to Delhi, to waking up early & going to office, the usual rut of life. But was already looking forward to come again to explore Sikkim & rafting at Teesta.
Delhi airport too greeted us with showers & I still remember how I gorged on Rajma Chawal like a bhukha sher as my mom in law looked and smiled.

This was our best trip ever, loaded with lot of sweet memories.  Mr. Hubby says, there is something magical about Darjeeling. Makes you feel as if the time has halted so that once can savor the simple joys of life. And that’s what life is all about.
Best Trip Ever!

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