Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Stubble made him an uncle

It happened on a chilly morning in January 1992. Groom hunting for Misha didi was at its all time high. Every Sunday, ma and papa would scan the matrimonial section of newspaper to filter out the groom with the right age, profession, caste & looks (the height weight mentioned in ad). Internet was an unknown feature those days. Meeting the boy himself, or waiting to receive a studio made pic via snail mail were the only options available.

In this case, Ma and pa opted for the blind date. On the designated date and time, we reached the coffee shop. Sharma family and white Maruti were the only details I knew and with that I began looking for any and every white Maruti that passed.

After sometime, a white Maruti stopped. Out came an aunty, and a man with thick glasses, tall, thin frame and a healthy crop of unclean stubble. As they drew nearer the designated spot, I became anxious, for we were supposed to meet the groom and his parents; not “just parents”.

“Smart Alecs, they wanna meet the girl first without showing the guy”, I whispered to didi. “If the father is like this, I don’t have any high hopes from the son either. Look at him, I hate that unclean stubble. A girl wants basic grooming atleast! What if the son follows his father’s trend?” Didi sounded very disappointed.

Within seconds, the lady walked up to papa and said “Namaste bhai sahab, this is my son, Akhil”

My face turned red, “Oh, so this uncle is the prospective groom? Look what an unclean stubble has done to a 26 year old!”

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  1. Nice one Shaivi :) Auto-upgradation to 'Uncle' :)
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  2. Nice one Shaivi!
    I have tagged you in my Post- http://anitaexplorer.blogspot.in/2013/12/the-pausitive-sketch.html
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  3. Good one. Nice story idea. :)

  4. Stubble does make a man look old. But this old...poor Akhil!


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