Thursday, 17 December 2015

Share A Hug

Friendship, like old wine gets better with age. True friendship is one of the most cherished gifts of life. Perhaps that’s why people go to any length to bring a smile on their friend’s face. Be it forging parents’ signature on school report card to save the wrath of parents, doing that “setting” with the girl your best friend has a crush on, sacrificing your pocket money for that perfect gift on your friend’s birthday and so on…

So, what is it that makes friendship, Yaari Dosti so special?

It’s the power of sharing and caring. No matter how many well wishers we have, it is only with a true friend that we can share the goriest details, the ugliest facts, the best emotions and the burden of a trouble.

A thing as simple as a hug can be magical when it is from a special friend.

I was in Class VII when my English teacher shortlisted me for an Extempore competition sponsored by a leading soft drink brand. While I was initially excited, my excitement soon vanished when I was told most other competitors would be from senior classes. During lunch break I was sitting alone contemplating withdrawing my name as it would be too embarrassing losing out to seniors. Just then, my best friend S walked inside and asked me why was I so aloof. When I narrated her the while story, she told me to consider the faith teacher had in me that made her shortlist me v/s my seniors. S’s pep talk boosted my morals and every day, we would practice Extempore topic during lunch break. On the D day, as I was nervous on the stage, I kept looking in my best friend’s eyes which reflected that all was going well. When my name was announced as the winner I just went numb however, I can never forget that impromptu dance by my bestie and the magical hug we shared! That’s what true friendship is about – taking pride in your friend’s achievement.

Our best holidays have been the ones with my hubby’s best friend. Sometimes, we women keep wondering at the perfect chemistry our husbands share and we often joke that they make the perfect couple. Best friends since Class 8th, they have stood by each other during good and bad times. While they will make us laugh till our stomachs cry out in pain, they are also most protective and know how to celebrate responsibly. That’s why we can be ourselves when partying with them.

When God created humans, he knew they would be social animals. So to ensure one doesn’t get deterred by the negativities in this world, God created best friends, our own powerhouse of positivity. True friends know the power of sharing and all they have to do to share a positive or low moment is to Share a Hug!

Looking for some positive moments in your life? Go meet your best friend and Share a Hug!
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  1. That's is so beautiful! Indeed, friends are integral and a true one is a gem. Nice to read about your friend and her good character.


  2. Happy to read about your friend and your story...inspiring to have lots of friends around 😊


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