Sunday, 3 July 2016

Catching up on lost growth

No matter where you go, there is one topic of discussion you will find common among parents - ensuring sound growth and development of their children. As parents, our children's health comes first to us. So you will find moms sharing best practices wherever they can get an opportunity - in the paediatrician's waiting area, school bus stops and even at parks waiting for their children. From school to college to job, not to miss extracurriculars all along, our children face competition at each stage and as parents, we want to ensure our children to never lag behind others. 

Every evening when I take my son to the park, there are moms sitting on benches, looking at their children. They may not say it but their eyes reflect a "is my child as active and healthy as others?"look.

With both parents working, life is not a cakewalk for mothers too. Professional pressures occupy a lot of disc space in their mind. The hectic life coupled with children who are fussy eaters always keeps us wondering if our children are getting enough nutrition to grow. 

While it isn't advisable to get into the comparing mode, it is vital to keep a track of our child's growth milestones. Doing so will help us take remedial measures on time, in case our child is lagging behind in his/her growth and development.

Paediatricians say that 3-9 years is a critical phase for children's growth. Here is a simple Growth Calculator that can help you know if your child's growth is on track.

What if my child is lagging behind in growth?
Firstly, you need to identify the root cause that is preventing your child from meeting his/her growth milestones.

Inadequate growth may often occur due to -

  • The child being a fussy eater
  • Focus on calories rather than a diet wth balanced nutrition
  • Medical conditions, etc.

If inadequate nutrition is the root cause...

"As a mom, I feed my child healthy food. Then why is s/he still lagging behind?" one may ask.

We may think we are doing everything right. But at times, we may be just loading our child with calories, rather than giving him/her a balanced, nutritive diet. 

Growth lost early in childhood requires specialised nutrition, in order to Catchup, but parents must ensure that adequate nutrition is provided so that catch up growth happens.

A strong foundation is the backbone of a good edifice. Timely and adequate growth in children is vital for them to meet the demands of the challenges ahead. In the age of child prodigies and immense competition, every parent wants their children to be all rounders. But, for children to handle these demands, extra efforts and nutrition is required.

Thankfully, Horlicks Growth+ has been designed and tested by experts, and is proven to increase height and weight in just 6 months. It's balanced nutritional supplement has been developed to optimise growth without causing obesity in children. It naturally contains essential amino acids and immunity boosting nutrients like Vitamin A, C and D along with high quality whey protein. What's more, the immunonutrients like Vitamins A, C and D, also support a healthy immune function.

Available in two flavours, Vanilla and Chocolate, your kid will love this cup of nutrition anytime!

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