Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Introducing li'l one to friends from the sea

Motherhood in itself is a magical experience! To see a little life develop step by step in front of your eyes is a beautiful experience words can't explain. Having recently turned one, my little bundle of joy is now officially a toddler and is all gradually observing the beautiful world around him. Experts say that a child’s brain develops the most in the first five years of his life. As parents, this is the best time to introduce new words into his vocabulary and make him familiar with the surroundings.

Since children have a short attention time span, the best way to teach them something new is by using pictures, stories and songs. They might forget what you try to teach them, but they will forever remember the stories and rhymes. 

So, when I received the #colgatemagicalstories packs, I was more than elated, for these days my little one loves to observe animals and their sounds. While other kids are scared by the shrill barks of the neighbourhood German Shephard, my son jumps and shouts with excitement, as if encouraging his canine buddy. Since I had not yet tried to relate pictures with stories, I was all excited for the experiment!

Soon, I received the 4 special Colgate packs, each with a separate set of magical sea world creatures inside. Since my little one is too small for art and craft, I took the lead with the cut out. I was impressed with the focus on “learn and fun” in the packs. For starters, the packs had instructions simple enough for the kids to follow. The packs even suggested the kids to take the help of elders, to avoid any mishap.

What impressed me even more was the little information about each creature that truly lived up to the “learn and fun” spirit.

Did you know these amazing facts about life under the sea?

  • Octopus has three hearts and can change its colour quickly
  • Puffer fish defends itself by filling its stomach with water
  • Killer whale is the largest member of the dolphin family
  • Sea turtles can grow upto 300kg in weight

Well, I for sure didn't know all this.

As soon as I opened the packs, I was I went back to my childhood, remembering my favourite cartoon The Little Mermaid!  Waiting to befriend my little one in the pack was the Dolphin, Parrot, Sting Ray, Whale, Pirate, sea turtle, sea horse, lion fish, barracuda, sharks, crabs, mermaid, star fish and Octopus! Quickly, I prepared the cut outs using the simple to manage cardboard stands provided in the pack itself, and we were all set for the #colgatemagicalstories.

My little one is too young to understand stories, but loves music and rhymes. So, I prepared a small jingle to introduce each character from the story.

Here’s a li’l jingle I sang to him - 

Welcome my friends from the sea,
Thanks for coming to meet me,

Shark, whale, dolphin, star fish
All the fishes make a wish

Blackbeard’s treasure is tough to find
But Sadie will be helpful and kind

Parrot’s talks gives company
Crab dances very funny

Looking at Octopus shark and whale
The pirate feared and turned pale

But then came the pretty mermaid
To the lost pirate’s aid

Together the treasure they found
And then headed to the happy sound

In castle their friends laughed and played
In the magical world, they happily stayed

This is a sponsored post. Discover the magical world of sea with the special #colgatemagicalstories packs.

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  1. Its fun to see the children grow and it brings back own childhood while spending time with them and narrating stories


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