Wednesday 9 June 2021

Movie - Muramba (2017) (Marathi)

Cast - Amey Wagh, Mithila Palkar, Sachin Khedekar, Chinmayee Sumit
Director - Varun Narvekar
Watch it on - Netflix/Sony LIV

My View
The lockdown situation has introduced me to regional cinema and I am glad it did! Having grown up on Bollywood, regional cinema feels like a breath of fresh air! This is the first Marathi movie I am blogging about however, this isn't the first one I have watched. These are not one of your pompous, big budget, big star cast movies, but these are carefully picked stories from everyday life situations, which instantly make a connection. Almost like when you eat home cooked food after days of surviving on restaurant food! 

This evening, I chanced upon Muramba (Sweet n Sour...AKA Murabba in Hindi) on Netflix. Honestly, my reason for picking this up was Sachin Khedekar, for I have loved his work in every other Marathi movie I have watched. But after watching the movie, I fell in love with the entire cast!

While most Bollywood movies portray parents as Pyar Ke Dushman, Muramba is a reverse case altogether!

After being in a relationship for 3 years, childhood friends Alok and Indu decide to part ways. Alok, a Gold medallist in MBA, is unsure about what he wants to pursue his life and ends up quitting any job that tries to take him out of his comfort zone. This puts off his girlfriend Indu who is serious about her career in the advertising world. But when Indu is unable to get Alok to get serious about doing something in life, she decides to take up a job in Kerela and a broken Alok ends up calling it quits. 

However, little did Alok & Indu know that more than them, it was Alok's parents who were serious about the relationship. The breakup comes as a shock to them, for they had weaved dreams of welcoming Indu as their doting daughter in law. But not the ones to give up, Alok's parents decide to mend the matters.  From making futile attempts to counsel Alok, sharing their own experiences, getting out of their comfort zone to get Alok and Indu to talk about their breakup, they make every possible attempt to unite the couple. The movie oscillates between present and flashbacks, as Alok begins to reflects upon how things went from being sweet to sour between him and Indu and finally both Alok and Indu admit that as individuals, they might be having their shortcomings and insecurities, but united they strengthen each other. 

The real charm of the movie is the sweetness of Alok's parents. Alok, in an attempt to ignite hatred in their hearts, tells them that Indu parties and drinks. However, instead of throwing a fit, Alok's father orders Indu's favourite white wine for everyone at a dinner and even gets his wife to try it out. You watch and wonder, is it for real?

While I am a fan of Sachin Khedekar, this time Chinmayee Sumit impressed me with her portrayal of a simple homemaker from Dharwad, who goes out of her comfort zone to do everything to unite the couple. 
Mithila Parker, was her usual fab, but Amey Wagh was so good at depicting Alok - confused and rebellious on the outside, but insecure and child like on the inside. 

Watch the movie with your parents on a lazy evening and you will love it for its simple and effortless portray of such deep emotions!

By the way, the movie won several awards at Filmfare Marathi! So in case you too haven't had much flavour of regional cinema, start with the sweet and sour Muramba!

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