Wednesday, 13 March 2013

My purple miracle!

We all have our days when nothing goes straight. The smallest, simplest things become tangled & messy, just like our hair. Pollution, dust, weather, stress all play havoc on our fragile hair. Sometimes, the mess up happens even before one reaches office. And the good old tight bun comes to rescue.
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But two days ago, while I carelessly tied my locks in a bun and was lost in the world of Balance Sheets in office, Mr. Hubby called. “Baby, we have to go to a party in the evening. Be home on time…we leave sharp at 8!” As he said this my fingers went in my rough, messy hair that I had conveniently tied up tightly in a bun. Like a recap of my favorite soap, the morning events ran in front of my eyes – rushing to work, the sudden dust storm that took me by surprise, that important assignment, stress (I subconsciously play with my hair when I am stressed), my hair had been through a lot today. “No time to go to salon, what do I do?” A part of me felt like calling back Mr. Hubby and yelling why his friends love these last minute parties? But it was useless now. There was no time left for damage control.

I didn’t want to be the outcast as his friends’ wives would display their flowing hair, straight out of the salon! Work was soon forgotten. The remaining day was spent fretting & exploring options – making the “I am sick, I wont go” excuse, tying a boring bun, donning a headgear, I thought it all. Friends too got sympathetic and suggested some easy to make buns. But I was super upset.

As I entered home, I saw a purple surprise waiting for me. Indiblogger had decided to be my well wisher that evening & had sent me my free sample of Sunsilk Perfect Straight Shampoo & Conditioner. The pack said “keeps the hair fully aligned as it dries”. It rung a bell inside. “It might just save me today”, I thought & rushed to shower.

Few minutes of indulgence with the purple miracle (That’s what I would like to call the shampoo-conditioner ) & my hair were out of the shower totally aligned! Mr. Hubby’s “we are getting late” song gave me no time to even blow dry. I hurriedly got ready & sat in the car with a comb in hand. The 30 minute drive gave my hair enough time to dry while I combed them. One look in the mirror & it felt like a miracle! My crowning glory was looking so perfect, so straight & a shine that lit up my evening! Thanks Indiblogger, Sunsilk & Yuko Yamashita for making my day! Compliments flowed as Mr Hubby’s eyes were stuck on me throughout the party.

During the romantic drive back home, as he said “ u look lovely tonight”, I winked & said

I got my perfect straight locks!
Sunsilk perfect straight shampoo rocks!

 This post is part of Sunsilk Perfect Straight Review by Sunsilk in association with Indiblogger.


  1. Nice post Shaivi:) Sunsilk ne apki jaan bachali:p

  2. I loved its smell....nice post..all the best for the contest

    1. Thanks Nandini! All the best to u as well!

  3. Wow :-) really very interesting post :-)


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