Thursday, 28 March 2013

A wish that had long been due

We all love to dream. Dreams are what drive our actions. They lure, inspire and entice us to take a step ahead, to go the extra mile, to endure the grill life makes us go through every day. And when they come true, it feels like a pinnacle reached.

Just like most youngsters at the beginning of their career, I too nurtured two dreams when I started working – buying a car & owning a house. Having started early in life, I knew they were neither tough nor far. But never knew it would take so long to realize them, all due to some funny reasons.

I began my career with a high paying MNC, a job with a paycheck that made my parents take pride. Six months into my job, I told papa I wanted to buy my own car. “But your office gives you cab facility. Besides, we already own a car. Why do you want one?” he said. “But I want to buy one on my own. It will gimme a sense of accomplishment”, I argued. “Beta, rather than putting your money in something you won’t use much & lose out on depreciation, it’s better to invest in something worthwhile. It will give you a better sense of accomplishment when you actually do something good in future.” His argument, although preachy, was true. I had no need of buying a car.

I used to adore Skoda back then. The sleek yet sturdy look and feel, the excellent bootspace, the amazing features used to entice me to go for one. The bright green logo on the metallic body of the car looked soooo pretty!  But neither could I stretch that much at that time, nor could I find an excuse to counter papa’s argument. My plan went down the drain.

Then came Mr. Hubby in my life. He too already owned a car, which gave us so many sweet memories – our first date, my welcome in the house post wedding, several memorable holidays…the list is long. Still the inside of me itched hard to fulfill my wish of having my OWN car. The Octavia model I had been eyeing long also got discontinued. Often, while driving through the busy roads of Delhi, I used to spot a Skoda and say, “God has made me wait enough, now whenever I buy, it will be Skoda.” Mr. Hubby used to give his signature sweet smile and say “okie dokie”.

Finally, God decided to paint my life with colors this Holi. Few days ago, I was happily working on a project in my hostel when Mr. Hubby called me up and said, “Wanna buy a Skoda Rapid?”  My heart almost instantly went bubbling with enthusiasm. “Are you kidding?” I asked. “No, I dare not mess up with my wife’s wishes” He sounded very convincing.

When happiness has to come, it comes tip toeing from any secret corner. This dream too happened almost instantly. Formalities took a whole day, and the very next day, we welcomed our Skoda Rapid home!  I remembered the scene from the movie “Ghajini” when Asin swells up with pride after buying Ambassador cars. I had finally bought my Skoda, the very car I had dreamt of! Thanks to God & Mr. Hubby, I bought the very car I had always thought to be my first car!

I got the delivery a day before Holi! What better way than this to celebrate the festival of colors! I could see the colors of happiness on the faces of my family members.  

As the priest did the puja for my car in my temple, I looked at Lord Shiva, winked and said “You are the greatest! You know how to make your devotees happy! Thanks sooooo much!”

That day I learnt one of the biggest lessons of my life…

Dreams do come true!

Thats my Skoda Rapid!


  1. Hey Congratz!
    I too had a big crush for Octavio...
    Happy and safe driving... and post some more photos of your new Rapid :)

  2. Wow ... a big congrats to you :-)

  3. The very first thought that popped up in my mind..."Can I drive???????????"
    Congo for the dream that came true:)

  4. wow!! Congrats :)

    So dreams do come true :)

    1. Yep Smita, its a dream come true! Thanks!

  5. Congrats for the Skoda and yes dreams come true when we ardently desire and the creator fulfills them.

  6. Shaivi first of all congrats on your accomplishment. By reading this I can say that you are very fortunate that you have a loving husband who also cares for your dreams.

    But more than your accomplishment of Skoda I feel that your real accomplishment in life is your hubby . May be I will soon see apost about him.

    Finally I was eengrossed in your write up. It had glimpses of simplicity , true love and caring , dreams and desire and finally accomplidhment.


    Travel India

    1. Thanks so much! I too think about writing a post on Mr. Hubby...too much to fit into a single post...maybe requires a separate blog altogether..:)

  7. Congrats.....when i drove it, i enjoyed too but that made me little greedy and i'm looking for a Long Drive NOW ;)

  8. Congrats.....when i drove it, i enjoyed too but that made me little greedy and i'm looking for a Long Drive NOW ;)

  9. Get Mr Hubby to Add 16" alloys and low profile tyres a full touch screen music system. The rapid will be a eye catcher on the road then :)


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