Saturday, 2 March 2013

WOW Moment!

Happiness, they say come in small packets, from unexpected corners. I usually write for my own happiness & have only recently started participating in blogging contests. Blogging gives me so much joy that sometimes I tell Mr. Hubby “This is what true love is” and he gives me “a hullow, wat are u saying?” look! Haha!

I am a big fan of writing prompts. They bring a kind of regime in blogging schedule. Sometimes, it’s a challenge to blog on something that’s not well known to us. But, I love challenges, they prompt me to test my creativity & figure out thoughts I otherwise wouldn't have discovered.

One such activity is “Write over the weekend” (WOW) by Every week, blogadda puts up the topic. All one needs to do is blog about the topic, copy the code & mention the link” and it’s done!

Who says prizes are the only motivation? Appreciation & encouragement comes first & lasts longer. This morning, a pleasant surprise awaited my facebook page. Entries which were WOW received a special mention on the Blogadda page. 

Not expecting much, I thought, “lets check out which posts are WOW” but the moment I went to the Blogadda page, my heart & mind chorused WOW! Incidently, this was in a way related to the theme of this week’s WOW (My heart was saying “Yes” but my head was saying “No”). My entry received a special mention as a “WOW” entry! Now that truly made my day! You can read the post here...

What more, I even get to flaunt a WOW badge on my post now! 

More than anything else, it is the appreciation a blogger really craves & when s/he gets it, it’s a WOW moment!

Thank you sooooo much Blogadda!


  1. Congrats...ur post was WOW indeed!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks & congrats on urs too! Nice post...just read!

  3. Hello again Shaivi dear:)

    Your beautiful and creative posts have forced me to reward your blog with the 'creative blogger award'...Congratulations:)

    For more visit my post:

    1. Thanks sooooo much Bushra! This is my 1st blog award! Yippeee!

    2. First blog award is it? Great:) Congratulations and may many more of these glories touch your feet:)


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