Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Bajra Party!

I was on a short walk after lunch today when these lovely little someones caught my attention. In election time when most people are trying to cash in on common backgrounds, cities and a lot of things that really don't make sense, here were these cuties, who only knew the language of love.

Enjoying the spread without any frown at the presence of opposition, they would make for a shutterbug's treat. 

Ask them, who do they support, they would all sing in chorus...Bajra Party! 



  1. Awesome, I really love this trend out here in Delhi. I too purchased the same Bajra Parties ticket, I mean the packet and serve it to the pigeons, whom my one and half year old daughter call as doguuuu, I don't know why she calls them as this, but then she enjoys too much seeing them eating.

  2. Ohh this is such a nice post...

  3. Good u kept them from politics... For them its Bajra Party!

  4. A great lesson here. How the different species share and eat, no fights or competition.

  5. Thanks for sharing keep bringing more.
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