Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Skyscanner and Rani’s dream!

The preparations were in full swing for Rani’s marriage. Everything was perfect – the clothes, the look, the gifts. Raja had even bought a new house and Rani was excited to decorate the house…their house.

They say, unlike poles attract each other. Raja the shy, practical guy. Rani, the dreamer whose wishlist would never end. While Rani was loving everything about the feeling of belonging, there was one thing that bothered her. Since she had seen the romantic Venice in movies, she had secretly desired of a honeymoon in Venice. She had mentioned it to Raja as well, but being the practical and responsible guy, he told her they would rather spend on the house than splurging on an expensive foreign holiday.

Few days later, Rani’s best friend Jiya asked her, “So, all set for the foreign honeymoon?”

“What foreign honeymoon. He says we have to save money right now. Why are these foreign tours so expensive?” Rani grumbled.

Jiya laughed, “Yes, foreign tours are expensive, but not for people who decide to travel smart.”

She opened her phone and showed Rani the Skyscanner App.

“Ah! Yet another app?” said Rani

Jiya said, “Not just another app. Skyscanner actually helps you travel smart. Do u know can find the cheapest way to reach a city and the cheapest accommodation at the click of a button!”

Rani’s eyes shone in hope…

The next 2 hours Jiya helped Rani use Skyscanner to make her dream trip come true. After taking their preferred travel dates, skyscanner got them the cheapest flight tickets. Rani was impressed to see that she could even create a best price alert on Skyscanner!

She couldn’t believe she could get a return ticket to Venice for Rs 45,407. “Sounds like my dream will come true”

Next it was time to book the hotels. The skyscanner app gave her a list of best hotel deals from various websites. “It’s a steal, for a place like Venice”, she said as she booked a hotel for Rs 15000 per night.

Rani’s excitement knew no bounds as she clicked the confirmation button! She called up Raja and said, “We will go to Venice, everything worked out!”

“But how did you manage?” Raja was puzzled.

“Oh, with Scyscanner, you get the best of the best deals. Hotel, travel all done! And within budget!

What is the fear, when skyscanner scans the cherry pick deals!”

Rani was all smiles, she had dared to chase her dream, thanks to Scyscanner.

This post is written for Travel smart with Skyscanner contest by Indiblogger and Skyscanner. Skyscanner has revolutionized budget travel! Choice of best deals from across websites, alert for best price and many other unique features, Skyscanner will help you become a smart traveller! 


  1. Venice is a nice place to visit.. Nice post!!

  2. Lovely incorporation of the smart travel and skyscanner piece into the storyline .Good luck with the contest

  3. Wow! You are surely gonna figure in the winning list :)

  4. Nyc... Venice is my dream pick too... I have been making short notes...

  5. hey Nyc, Venice is Rani's pick too... even mine...I have been making office notes..

  6. Everything about Venice is so romantic! All the best Shaivi for the contest!


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