Wednesday, 5 March 2014

My friends, my hair!

“What went wrong between us? Why the breakup?” I asked as I saw them bidding goodbye one by one. They were leaving me, one by one, each day…and all I could do was to look at the helpless me, incomplete without them!

I thought you would never leave me! We were best friends!

But the next one too made a sad face and left without an explanation.

My hair - my friends! They had chosen to accompany the comb rather than my head!

As I sobbed at the forced farewell, I remembered the good old days…

Since childhood, we had been the best of friends.

Tied in satin ribbon, they made me look like a doll when ma dressed me up for birthday parties…

Sand, mud and rolly polly…they were a part of all my mischiefs! When mom came to catch me, and all friends escaped, they were still there…facing ma’s ire as she pulled them in punishment & I cried in pain!

The school days! Learning discipline with me were them – tied neatly in braids, giving me the sincere scholar look!

After a day of discipline and regime, we would unwind in evenings, when I would ride the cycle and they would enjoy the paglee pawan (wind!) singing to them!

At night used to be pampering time, when mom poured her love in the oil massage and comb to keep them healthy!

As I grew up, they too decided to follow suit!

Then came college and they became my crowning glory. Variety was the buzzword…they gave me a new look every day…pony, bun, puff or simply loose, they knew how to grab the eyeballs!

Together, we discovered new colours of life…burgundy, blonde even brown, whatever the experiment was, they participated without a frown!

Those drives on his bike, oh, how they enjoyed the freedom and wind!

That first date! Ah, they shone in excitement and blushed when he looked, covering my face…

On my wedding day, they decided it was time to look the best. The perfect colour and the style…I still remember that look in his eyes!

They have been my friends indeed…

Pollution, stress, deadlines at work, chemical hair colours, they have taken it all without uttering a word…

“Perhaps I have been harsh on them” I thought. Unable to take it anymore, they were falling one by one.

How I wished good times were back!

They would give me a new look at work every day without fear of damage!

Together, we would colour every party with happiness and beauty…sans the fear of harm by chemical colours.

We would play the braid game…without any loss in volume!

Wish they could revive the romance, with him playing with my hair just like our courtship days!

Wish…my hair, my friends would stay and together, we could enjoy, experiment and play!

Ma had been hearing me all this while…she said

I know it hurts when they leave
But you gotta be positive and believe
Pamper your hair with care and love
To help you is your new friend – Dove

With this, she introduced me to the new Dove Hair therapy range…and hair care is now actually a child’s play…thanks to Dove!

This post is written for #DovePlay contest by Dove and Indiblogger. Dove, with its hair therapy range of hair care products has actually made hair care a child’s play. So that no matter how little time you have, your hair will never complain of neglect…So go on, Say Hi to Dove, play with your hair everyday and sing the Dove song! #DovePlay


  1. Loved the way you've started your post. It made me curious to read more. All the best for the contest Shaivi :)

  2. Yo!!! A great start indeed... Hair are our best friends.. so true!

  3. You still have a cute little crop. It was great to meet you Shaivi.

  4. Oh, we girls can relate with your story. Love the ending verse :)


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