Tuesday, 4 March 2014

It’s all about loving your blog buddies!

I am usually lazy when it comes to blog prompts, but this prompt had me hooked on totally! The reason – It’s all about loving your blog buddies!

I have made some amazing friends in the blogosphere in the last 2 years. It’s a very special kind of a bonding – we might have never met, but here, in this virtual world, we share the same passion! We share happiness when a blog buddy wins accolades for a job well done; while we always keep the shoulder ready when one of us cribs about the lack of time or the challenges faced in a tough environment.

So, today, I shower my blog love on a very special blog buddy of mine – Manjulika of Pendown.

She was my saviour at my first blogger meet and there has been no looking back since then!

Apart from being the gem of a person, Manjulika is also a voracious reader. Her blog boasts of more than 100 book reviews! As she often tells me, she doesn’t do a review or write a post unless she doesn’t feel something about it. That gets her credibility quotient high! You will find her blog oozing with book reviews where she puts her heart and soul in giving us the true opinion about the book, sans the spoilers. She happily awards smileys to the books reviewed.

A telecom engineer by profession, the lady also loves being a globetrotter, thanks to her patidev’s job. In the last 2 years, she has travelled to a whopping eight countries! Of course, being a blogger, this gives an added advantage since she has done some fabulous travelogues. I loved these posts of hers for her extensive and frank portrayal that help one prepare himself before heading for that place.

Her coverage about Riyadh is fun to read…she told me she had to wear Burqa at the airport itself and couldn’t even pose hand in hand for a pic with her hubby!

When she is not busy with book reviews and globetrotting, the lady loves to play with colors on canvas! I sometimes wonder how she manages so many acts together…and often she is the one asking me the same. Did I tell you we share the same Birthday?

I know after this shower of blog love for Manjulika, you would wanna hop on straight to her blog!


  1. That is a sweet post to read as the first one of the day. I've started on a good note. Very nicely penned and compiled, Shaivi. Manjulika you lucky woman! (PS - Next time, I will share you table at the IndiMeet. Who knows I may get showered too!)

  2. Thank u so much Shaivi... the admiration is mutual...
    You have always inspired to write better...and definitely you are such a warm person that whenever we meet, we just rock....

  3. This is such a sweet tribute :) Manjulika is lucky to know you and likewise :)

  4. Manjulika is an amazing blogger whom I enjoy to read Great write up churned out here:)


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