Sunday, 10 May 2015

To mom, from yours honestly

Dearest Mom,

Wish I could go back in time, hold your hand and say a big “Thank You” for shaping my life the way you did.

Love, compassion, sincerity, faith came easily in my operating system, thanks to your superb programming! While a younger me would have not bothered about how important these values are, the mom to be in me salutes your upbringing and how you effortlessly inculcated just the right values in me.

While I can go on endlessly about the beautiful things you taught me, this Mother’s Day, I remember the most important virtue you taught me – Honesty

Honesty – with oneself, for you always said if one is honest with self, one can be honest with others. People might judge us from small instances which may not reflect our true character, but our honest self is who we are when the lights are off and no one’s watching.

Like all moms, you too dreamt of me having a bright career and making a name for myself in this world. I remember those pep talks on late nights when you would quietly enter my room with a glass of milk and motivate me to chase my dreams.

You always believed in me, even when on several occasions, my belief got shaking. One such incident was in the 7th standard. Being active in extracurricular activities, I was asked to participate in an inter school debate competition. Now this was a strange coincidence, for all participants other than me were much senior to me. While my teacher showed her faith in me, somehow I got into the comparison mode and began to fret thinking how I would compare with competitors senior to me.

Little did I know, I had a fairy with a magic wand at home, who would set everything right with her small pearls of wisdom. A mom doesn’t have to listen to her child to read his heart. She is a human X Ray who reads the child’s heart from his face. I remember when I showed signs of panic, you simply told me, “Don’t compare yourself with anybody. Just give your honest efforts for yourself. No matter what the result is, if you are honest with yourself and your efforts, the battle is almost won.” Your words comforted the panicking me. Rather than comparing myself with other contenders, I just focussed on being honest with myself and my efforts. My preparation for the contest was no longer about me v/s others. It was about my current v/s the best I can. And thus began umpteen rounds of improvisations, and you patiently heard every version, dropping your little advise without making me feel timid.

On the D Day, I may not have known what my competitors had to say, but I knew I had made honest efforts for myself and the stress of winning or losing no longer bothered me. As a result, I breezed through the debate and unlike many other contestants, was in no stress of forgetting my lines. For, my debate was all about what I honestly felt about the topic, and not something I crammed up to impress the judges.

Like good v/s evil, honesty too, wins hands down over all others. I won the contest against many others senior to me.

I remember the spark in your eyes when I handed you the award. For you, it may have been a moment of pride, but for me, it was a life changing occasion – an occasion where I realized the best in us comes when we are honest with our inner self!

Thanks mom,


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  1. Shaivi, this is such a sweet tribute to a mother. Mothers know how to deal with i child.

  2. Very impressive Shaivi.. Felt like you are writing my feeling.. Thanks sweetis :)

  3. A wonderful tribute...we can never thank them enough though!

  4. So so true! and perfect! Each word!
    Great post!!!

  5. Yes...I do's becUse of exceptional 'Her', that we have been able to sail through the Tsunamis of our lives. Indebted to her...forever and ever!

  6. Yes...I do's becUse of exceptional 'Her', that we have been able to sail through the Tsunamis of our live


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