Friday, 15 May 2015

Life is beautiful with My Airtel App

As a working woman and a wife, I am always on the go. Multitasking is the need of the hour and I ensure that no time spared is left unproductive. Life is not just about me and my career, for I have a family to manage. Taking care of their small needs without them having to demand gives me more pleasure than anything else. But all said and done, I am not a goddess and sometimes I wonder, “How do I cope up with ever increasing responsibilities?”

Thankfully, I live in a smart world. Technology has made our life easy and we can do almost anything at the tip of our fingers. When the App revolution started, my excitement seemed no bounds and soon my mobile was flooded with Apps. However, I soon realized the downside of technology. Too many apps in my mobile made for a confusing bunch and often I didn’t even recalled using Apps when I needed them.

How I wished there was a single App that offered me all that I wanted in one go!

Seems, Airtel was listening to me heart…and in comes My Airtel App

My Airtel App brings a host of features through my handset…yes, you heard it right! Here are some features of the App that make everyday activities easy and manageable with my hectic lifestyle –

I Want to
This feature, true to its name takes care of all that I want as I can save my most frequent tasks on home screen as shortcuts. Now I can take care of all my priorities at one go –

·         Bill Payments –
No more missing deadlines, for the App makes it convenient to pay all my bills through my mobile. What’s more, there’s are offers and Cash backs too!

·         Recharges –
Papa often reminds me to recharge his mobile and the busy bee daughter always forgets. Now the App makes it easy to recharge and avail offers as well!

·         Buy Packs and order games online
My nephew is a die hard gaming fan. With My Airtel App, I can now gift him his favorite games anytime from my mobile. What’s more, I can even gift him recharges and packs to make his day!

Airtel Surprises
Nobody minds that extra bag of goodies, and that’s why this is my favourite feature of My Airtel App. With this feature, I receive Airtel Surprise coupons with every recharge I do. So, while I do that recharge for mom in law, it also brings a bi..g smile on my face, for I can redeem these Airtel Surprise  coupons across categories like shopping, food, wellness, entertainment etc at my favourite brands like PVR cinemas, CafĂ© Coffee Day,,,, etc. A perfect win win situation!

Secured payments
“So many payments through your mobile! Is it even safe?” Mom in law asks. And I assure her, for Airtel My App makes payments safe and secure with –
·         PCIDSS certification
·         Store card details for a faster checkout
·         A friendly and intuitive interface
·         Real time bill tracking
·         A personalized user experience

As if that’s not all, the App offers a Lot More…
Now, I can –
·         Get alerts on low balance, low data, bill payment, due date
·         Explore Wynk / One Touch Internet/ Airtel Live
·         Add or Remove Airtel Services

With so many features under one umbrella, the app certainly is “My Airtel App”. It’s the simplest way to manage All my Airtel services through my handset.
Wanna experience the beauty of the Airtel experience? Download the My Airtel App now from the Airtel website.

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