Wednesday, 8 July 2015

The explosion of freshness

There is a very famous saying –

Live like there’s no tomorrow,
Dance like no one’s watching!

In the daily rut of life, we often get into the auto mode. Life goes on but we just don’t feel the zing. Mornings signal the beginning of yet another round of routine activities and once we are back home, evenings remind us of yet another day spent just like that. Even if everything goes well without any deviation from the routine, gradually it takes away the freshness from our lives and dullness sets in.

Music has the power to heal the worst of the pains. It transforms us into a different world altogether, taking away the dullness and infusing freshness.

There are days on which I too get bogged down by the pendulum life between work and home. On such days music is my saviour. A good shower followed by a cup of cardamom tea and good music gets me into the grove. A couple of peppy numbers later, the elated me just lets myself free and I dance like no one’s watching; just like childhood when I would play my favourite tracks and dance for hours. After a good singing and dancing session, I am totally energized. The same boring day feels so beautiful, for music helps us listen to our inner voice and spend some quality “me” time.

I recently came across the “Taazgi Ka Dhamaka” video featuring Allu Arjun and Anushka Manchanda. Directed by the famous Pradeep Sarkar, the video truly is a dhamaka or explosion of freshness. The lovely Anushka brings a doze of freshness in an otherwise boring marriage. Good music is infectious. Soon, Allu too is forced to jump out of bed. After a quick doze of freshness with Colgate Max Fresh, Allu is all awake and ready to join the fun!

The choreography is natural, and watching the video I couldn’t help but appreciate these steps that so much relate to me when I too get in my groove...

While this step is not really what I would do, it reminds me of guys dancing uninhibited in weddings…when the sound of excitement in their hearts is more than a thousand musical instruments!

Now this is a must do step when you are dancing like no one’s watching. The bride sheds her inhibitions and joins in the celebrations.

The typical yo yo rapper step, I love the confidence and attitude Anushka displays here. Wear your attitude is the feel…

And sometimes, it’s good to break the rules and do a round of break dance! Just like Allu gets the whole crowd cheering with his cool moves!

And in true Rajani style, Allu flicks the taazgi ka dhamaka!

So, if you too are looking for a dose of freshness in your life, get your dancing shoes on!

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  1. This is so cool Shaivi...the kinda impromptu dance...a real taazgi ka dhamaal :)

  2. Lovely post dear :)

  3. I am sure your son n his cranky cries are d best music and source of freshness to you at this point of time...
    I am glad that you are back to blogging so soon.

  4. Nice and fun post Shaivi. All the best :)

  5. A fun entry...loved your take on the snapshots. Good luck and keep enjoying your private time :)


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