Thursday, 9 July 2015

Surf fast with UC Browser

Whenever there’s a cricket match happening in India, the mantra of all Indians becomes “eat cricket, sleep cricket, live cricket”.  Such is the obsession for the game in people that on the days of important matches with strong competitors, one finds deserted roads, sudden rise in the rate of sick leaves in offices and electronic shops flooded with people glued to the game on display TV sets.

While some like to enjoy the game with friends and beer at their favourite restaurant, others like to sit in the comfort of their homes and enjoy the game with hot chai and pakodas. I recall as a kid, world cup and India Pak matches used to be like festivals in our house, with all family members seated together and enjoying the match. Sometimes, I used to feel bad for mom, as even though we used to ask her to complete her kitchen chores during break, she used to sacrifice her share of the match often, to ensure we get hot meal ready during the lunch break.

With our schedules tightening day by day, people are opting for various alternatives to ensure they don’t miss on the game as well as important tasks. During this world cup, my office had organised a special screening in the cafeteria for employees. Many restaurants have special cricket menus and offers to cash on the cricket frenzy.

However, not always is it possible to tweak our schedules and take time out to view a full match. It is here that technology plays the friend in need. Many apps come to our rescue and we can get match updates no matter where we are. While technology has made our lives easier, the very same technology has also contributed to immense confusion too. With a plethora of apps floating on web, it is very confusing for the customer to take his pick. Over the years, I have been trying various browsers and apps; the main problem I face is of the browser speed. Like politicians, many apps and browsers promise smooth and buffer free experience. However, one download later one realises they are all the same.

Amidst the many available browsers, I recently came across UC Browser. Promising a fast surf, UC delivers what it promises. Available for Android, Ios, Windows interfaces, the following are some advantages UC Browser has to offer –

·         Fast Downloads
Enjoy high speed downloads with a resume option when interrupted and a smart file manager.
·         Cloud Sync
Seamlessly switch between UC Browser across your devices by syncing your open tabs and bookmarks.
·         Fun & Easy to Use
Customizable speed dials, themes and add-ons, plus unique and user-friendly features make your browsing easier and fun!
·         Data Compression
Save data and boost your browsing speed with our improved data compression technology.
·         Video downloader
Download videos with just one click.

What’s more, for the cricket crazy people, there is a dedicated space “UC Cricket”. Offering best cricket service including live scores and latest news, UC Cricket ensures the cricket fans remain connected to the game wherever they are.

I remember days when frustrated with the slow speed of other browsers and apps, I had to retort to the plain old Google search to get match updates. However, with the amazing UC Cricket, there is no need to Google anymore.

Here are some features which make UC Cricket score the brownie points over others -
·         Fast speed
·         Live scores with auto update
·         Fixture and result
·         Latest News
·         Videos

Getting your UC Cricket is easy at the swipe from your smartphone. All you need to do is Open UC Browser, go to the homescreen and Find UC Cricket with the blue icon.

So, no need to sacrifice on the game when UC Browser is here!

Surf with UC, Surf it fast,
Enjoy the game anywhere,
Have a blast!

Check out the UC browser and UC Cricket page and download the browser now! You can also read the FAQs here. Watch the UC Browser video with the amazing Yuvraj Singh telling how UC Browser helps him stay connected with the world on the go!

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