Sunday, 12 July 2015

Mummy knows best!

Having been recently blessed with a baby, I can say that motherhood is one of the best gifts a woman gets from nature. The feeling of holding your little bundle of joy is more precious than any precious thing in the world!

However, I have also realized that with the power of motherhood also comes a great responsibility. Even before the child opens his/her eyes in the world, the mother has to ensure all goes well. I have never been as careful with myself as have been during my pregnancy – be it with respect to food or movement etc. And that very moment when our angel is handed over to us in the delivery room, the feeling of responsibility increases manifold, for here is a little one totally dependent on the mother.

As a mother, I want everything best for my kid. And the research to get that actually began even before my little one was born. The internet was my key to finding out what was the best for my kid and I checked out any and every article about caring for a newborn.

One such concern was choosing the right massage oil for my baby. I have seen many friends use fancy baby oils to massage their kids. However, I have always believed on using natural products, so I wanted to ensure I know exactly what I was using for my little one and what are the advantages and side effects. During my research to find the perfect massage oil for my little one, I zeroed down on these oils which are natural and safe for babies –

·         Coconut Oil – A friend of mine has been using coconut oil to massage her kid and recommended the same to me. Coconut oil is a great way to keep the skin moisturized
·         Olive Oil – Olive Oil is very light, non sticky and provides essential nourishment to the baby’s skin. Since babies have very sensitive skin, it is very important to keep the skin nourished
·         Almond oil – During winters, I swear by Almond oil for my skin as it’s a great way to protect and nourish the skin during winters. Almond oil is known to provide essential moisture to the baby’s skin, making it soft and supple

While the research to find the right oils wasn’t a hard nut to crack, the main dilemma was – only one type of oil could be used at a time. So, how could I combine the goodness of the right oils for my baby?

I soon found the solution to my dilemma in Dabur baby massage oil! Dabur Baby Massage Oil is a unique blend of premium natural oils like - Olive & Almond which provide the baby the required nourishment. My concern to avoid artificial additives was also addressed, for Dabur Baby does not encourage the use of any form of artificial colours, paraffins, and parabens. Dabur Baby as a Brand focuses exclusively on products developed using natural ingredients, which are safe and provide nourishment to babies. These products have been created through extensive research by understanding the essential need for babies tenderly skin and hair.

I have been using Dabur Baby oil for my little one and I swear by the many advantages the oil offers –

·         Goodness of natural oils like Olive Oil and Almond Oil
·         Olive provides nourishment to the baby’s skin
·         Almond gently moisturizes baby's delicate skin making it soft and supple.
·         Paraffin free
·         No artificial colours
·         Dermatologically tested
·         Regular massaging helps strengthen bones and muscles.
·         Attractive and playful product pack helps engage the baby while massaging.

Thanks to Dabur Baby, I am a tension free mom when it comes to the right massage oil for my kid. Goodness of natural oils without harmful ingredients, Dabur helps me give the best to my baby.

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  1. Oh I will need these tips when I will become mom :)

  2. I agree, moms have to extra careful. We have to nod in agreement to all the points. Btw, do share the picture of junior and his name. :)

  3. Congratulations Shaivi on being blessed with a baby! Best wishes to you for the contest!

  4. Congratulations Shaivi...happy for you and Welcome to the little one!


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