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Pampers pamper our li’l ones with Softest Diaper Ever

Motherhood blessed me three months ago and since then, my life revolves around my little bundle of joy. Keeping him happy and comfortable has been my whole sole priority. After all, it’s the mother baby looks up to in moments of happiness and trouble.

Since my baby arrived at the onset of Mumbai monsoons, my biggest concern was how to keep him dry and comfortable. Using a cloth nappy meant having to deal with frequent nappy changing and a cranky baby. Hubby and I began exploring options in diapers however; we weren’t too comfortable using diapers for long hours since we didn’t want our baby’s soft skin to get affected.

In the middle of all this, when BlogAdda invited me to the preview of Pampers premium care pants, my reaction was “Who knows about diapers more than a mother” and I was super eager to know the mystery behind #SoftestForBabySkin.

Finally, on the designated day, I landed at JW Marriott, which incidentally was also the venue for WIN Awards 2015. After spending some amazing time at the ongoing sessions and meeting my fellow bloggers over a lavish lunch, the BlogAdda team quickly signalled us to come to a separate area for the event. The entrance itself brought a wide smile on my face as it read “World of soft” and carried a picture of an adorable baby everyone looked at and went “Awwwww”

As the BlogAdda crew led us in, we were welcomed by the Pampers crew who promptly asked me to pose against a lovely wall which had been created especially for the event. I loved the placard “Softest diapers, sweetest mom” and soon felt like a diva posing to shutterbugs!

We quickly rushed to the main hall where the main event was about to begin and the set inside instantly made me feel as if I was on a TV show!

Inside, there were many bloggers and mommy bloggers with their lovely kids. I also spotted a table titled “Demo Zone” and was very curious to know how the demo could convince moms that these diapers are the best for their children.

No sooner had we settled that a beautiful voice caught our attention. I had spotted the gorgeous Mandira Bedi in the hotel lobby but didn’t know we would be lucky to have her at our event! 

She soon appeared on stage and opened the event in her signature style.

There were four chairs on the stage which meant three more celebs had to be there. “Who would be the other 3 surprise guests?” we all were wondering. Mandira soon welcomed the other panelists for the event –

Tara Sharma – Actress and celebrity mom
Ajita Gopal Seethepalli – Child sleep consultant
Dr. Wei Sing Long - Pampers R&D Expert

The event began with the panelists talking about the importance of good sleep to a baby’s comfort and development. Celebrity moms Mandira and Tara shared their personal experiences of being Pampers moms and that how soft and dry diapers can help in the overall development of the baby. During my sleepless nights with my baby, I often wonder how celeb moms manage their kids, so when Tara spoke about the challenges she faced as a new mom, I could totally empathize with her.

The two experts on the panel had a more technical approach to the whole soft diaper concept. Leading Baby Sleep Consultant Ajita Seethepalli highlighted the importance of softness to a baby’s sound sleep. She drew parallel between continuous sleep and uninterrupted playtime, which has a direct correlation with the cognitive, mental & physical, development of babies.

Finally, scientist & R&D expert Dr. WeiSing introduced us to the product for which by now, everyone had become curious.

Soon, we were asked to touch the three diapers kept in separate compartments on our tables and vote for the softest diaper. While most moms encouraged their kids to take their pick, at our table we were all adults. 

I could instantly make out the one particularly soft diaper but decided to stay mum and wait for the voting results. 92% voters had chosen the same option as mine, and soon the panel unveiled the identity of this softest diaper – Pampers premium care pants!

Now that we had our first look and feel of the product, it was time to know the product features in detail. Scientist & R&D expert Dr. WeiSing took us through the Pampers 5 star skin protection, that make it the best diaper for baby comfort.

1.  All-around softness –
Pampers understand baby’s skin is the softest, so premium care pants have been made using soft materials to provide softness and comfort. Also, the all around waistbands and leg cuffs ensure a snug fit, minimising leakage and making movement more comfortable for baby. 

2.  Upto 12 hours of dryness –
Pampers premium care pants come with ultra dry core that quickly absorbs and locks away liquids. While this was sounding too good to be true, Dr. WeiSing actually demonstrated the technique by showing how the same material absorbed poop like chemical poured in a glass. 

3.  Baby Lotion –
Pampers understand a mom’s concerns and therefore, Pampers premium care pants come with baby lotion that helps protect the baby’s precious skin. Dr. WeiSing took cards as substitute for baby’s skin. The cards when treated with baby lotion in diaper showed no impact of pee like skin irritant poured on them indicating how the baby lotion in Pampers protect the baby’s skin. 

4.  Breathable materials –
The micro pores in Pampers premium care pants help air circulation, which allow the baby’s skin to breathe.

5.    Wetness indicator
The only way a baby communicates his discomfort is by crying. No matter how much mom understands her baby; it is only when the baby cries that a mom usually discovers that the diaper is full. To save the baby this discomfort, Pampers premium care pants come with a unique wetness indicator that turns from yellow to blue when in contact with fluid, so parents can easily know when it is time to change.

Pampers also showed us the first look of their TV commercial and the promo video. While we all murmuring “Cho Chweet” at the sight of cute kid in the commercial, Tara had a pleasant surprise for us. She showed us some of her family videos that showed her changing diapers and her adorable kids talking about their views on Pampers. The witty Mandira Bedi was quick to add, “People these days don’t say diapers, they say Pampers!”

Next, it was time for a live demo and everyone rushed to the demo zone to take pics of the celebrity. Tara took the lead in highlighting the features of Pampers premium care pants.

Needless to say, twitter was abuzz with #SoftestForBabySkin!

Finally, Pampers pampered the bloggers and moms to the part they waited for – one to one with the celeb panellists and a lovely goody bag. It was so much fun to discover celeb moms Tara and Mandira discussing babies and motherhood with us sans any celebrity air! A real mom to mom conversation! I complimented Mandira on her post baby weight loss and she was quick to offer her expert advice, “Start working to shed that baby fat RIGHT NOW!” While I discussed the importance of comfortable diapers with Tara, Dr. WeiSing was very sweet and down to earth as I thanked her team for developing #SoftestForBabySkin diapers!

When I left the venue with my goody bag, I was all smiles, for thanks to the unique product demonstration by Pampers, I came to know the best and softest diaper for my baby’s skin!

I have been using Pampers premium care pants for my baby. Read the product review here.

This blog post is written for the Pampers #SoftestForBabySkin activity in association with BlogAdda

About Pampers
Pampers is the #1 selling diaper brand worldwide. For more than half a century, Pampers has been caring for the happy, healthy development of the world’s babies and in turn, has grown to become P&G’s biggest brand.  Every day Pampers serves over 25 million babies in more than 100 countries around the world.  Pampers was inspired by babies.  In 1956 Vic Mills, a P&G researcher was inspired by his desire to create a better diaper for his newborn grandson, and his work led to the creation of the brand.  Pampers takes great care in developing products that benefit both baby and mom, and are committed to making a difference in babies’ lives. 

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